What are dates of each anime season? Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall anime time periods

One of the things I was a little confused about when I first got into watching anime was how anime seasons work?

In other words, how many anime seasons are there, and what are each anime season’s dates?


When does the Winter anime season start, for instance, and when does it end?The

There are 4 anime seasons

When it comes to TV series, there are four set anime seasons in Japan.

They begin with the Winter anime season followed by Spring, Summer and Fall, and each season begins and ends at the same time every year.

The time periods for each season are:

  • Winter season — January to March
  • Spring season — April to June
  • Summer season — July to September
  • Fall season — October to December

Of course, not every anime series starts on the first day of a month or ends on the last one.

Instead, they begin at various times throughout the three months, but usually in months one or two.

Some will end within the same season, while others may not end until sometime in the following season, but will still be counted as part of the season they premiered in.

See, it isn’t that difficult once you know. Right?

How to find anime from specific seasons

If you want to find out which season of what year a particular anime began airing, or what is airing in upcoming seasons, Anime Planet has an excellent ‘Browse by Season‘ feature that will quickly tell you.

If you would like a look at some of what may be the best anime series from the currently ongoing Fall, 2023 anime season, YouTuber Animan has what he thinks are some of the must watches.

Watch his video below.

And yes, I agree with most of them, except he missed out what I think is the best anime of 2023 — The Apothecary Diaries (aka Kusuriya no Hitorigoto). So there’s that.