What Are One Direction Going To Do on Their Hiatus?

one direction hiatus james corden

While One Direction fans are devastated that their favorite band has decided to take a long hiatus, the band members themselves are actually looking forward to it. As they told James Corden on his The Late Late Show last week, they have a slew of plans and ways of spending their time when they’re not constantly on the road.

So what are One Direction going to do on their hiatus?

According to Louis, “It’s going to be kind of nice to not have plans”. He went on to say it will be nice to do “really normal things”, like spending time with family and friends, or to go on a holiday with the other lads in the band.

As Corden then said to him, “You’re going to go on a holiday together? You might as well play a couple of gigs while you’re at it”.

I’m sure the legions of One D fans would agree.

Don’t just expect One Direction to disappear from view while on their hiatus, though. As the lads are already talking about pursuing solo careers, and we’re likely to see some of the work they’ll be involved in getting those careers off the ground in 2016.

Could be very interesting.


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