What Does Norwegian Singer Aurora Think About In The Shower? You’d Be Surprised

what does aurora think about in the shower

What does Aurora think about in the shower?

Do you have your best thoughts in the shower? I know I do.

It’s something about the warm water, the suds and the fact that your brain isn’t over-stimulated with other thoughts.

Apparently, however, my best thoughts in the shower are nowhere near as good as those of Norwegian singer, Aurora. Because her shower thoughts are just about as deep as they go.

Aurora was talking to iHeartRadio recently, who recorded just a few of the odd, weird and deep things Aurora thinks about in the shower. Things like:

“I wonder if the ancient Greek sculptures are actually all victims of Medusa?”


“Would humans have invented airplanes if all animals were flightless?” (‘flightless’, which she didn’t even know was a word until recently. Now, who’s betting that will show up in the lyrics of one of Aurora’s songs now she knows what it means?)


“Brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton”.

Yep, these and many other strange things are what Aurora thinks about when she is in the shower. Watch the iHeartRadio video to hear more. Oh and do watch her singing her latest single, Conqueror‘, live on Conan last month. Love that girl.

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