What Does Shawn Mendes’ New Tattoo Represent? (Video)


Canadian singer songwriter Shawn Mendes appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week where, along with talking about his new album, he gave a detailed explanation about what his new, and first, tattoo means to him.

So what does Shawn Mendes’ new tattoo represent? Well, other than the guitar it is obviously representing his love of guitar and of music.

According to Mendes, he got the tattoo because, the way its drawn, it represents so much more to him than just music.

“I had this idea for a year before I got the tattoo. But it’s kind of like the words here, and it’s a reflection on water. A sound wave connecting to the city, being Toronto and…..actually, the sound wave is my parents and my sister saying “I love you”. So it’s like a connection between home, work and family”.

How nice is that?

Watch Shawn Mendes on Ellen talking about his guitar tattoo, what it felt like selling out Madison Square Garden, and his second album released last week in the video below.

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