What food does Jung Kyung Ho keep in his fridge? How much alcohol is in there? (Video)

Note: Now and again, I will write about some older TV shows featuring Korean actors/musicians as, even several years after their initial release, there are so many of them that are still absolute gems. It would be a shame for you to miss them.

Another fabulous English subtitled video of a fun Korean show was uploaded to YouTube this month via the KCON VOYAGE channel.

This time, it is part of a 2015 episode of the Korean cooking variety show known as Chef & My Fridge (in Korean known as 냉장고를 부탁해).

A show that features both celebrity and chef guests, with the premise that two celebrity guests each week have their refrigerator brought to the TV studio, and the hosts go through the contents of their fridge.

Yep, the food and drink in the celebrity’s fridge is examined, and almost every item is commented on.

In other words, if you are a Korean celebrity who doesn’t want your fans to know what you eat and drink in your private life, appearing on Chef & My Fridge probably isn’t the right decision for you.

What food does Jung Kyung Ho keep in his fridge? How much alcohol is in there?

Among other guests, one episode of Chef & My Fridge featured Korean actor Jung Kyung Ho.

The actor whose hit drama Crash Course in Romance recently finished airing, and a guy who, according to his appearance on Chef & My Fridge, is quite a bit more shy than he first appears.

And I say that because, as the hosts were going through his fridge and asking questions about the items in it, while Jung Kyung Ho was a good sport about it, he still looked a little shy about some of the things they found in there.

Especially when he had to explain what they were and why he had them.

So, what food does Jung Kyung Ho keep in his fridge?

Just about what you might expect if you know anything about single Korean men — (single in that he apparently lives alone, although nowadays he has been dating singer and actress Choi Soo-young for a decade).

Items in Jung Kyung Ho’s fridge included:

Lots of homemade dishes his mother made for him, as well as some dishes he made himself.

Leftovers he has brought back from various restaurants or parties, as he hates to waste food (good for him!).

An entire shelf of dog snacks, as he loves his dogs just about as much as he loves Soo-young.

Boatloads of cabbage and cabbage juice as, he confessed, he has a problem with constipation (yep, we get the real personal stuff on Korean TV apparently).

And, no surprise to me or probably anyone else, a huge amount of alcohol. Everything from expensive bottles of wine, to cups of wine, to various types of imported beers.

As Jung Kyung Ho happily admitted, the man likes his booze.


Jung Kyung Ho talking about his mother’s expert cooking skills

Now, it may just be me, but I found the whole segment very endearing.

The fact that Jung Kyung Ho looks incredibly shy as the hosts examined his frozen rice cakes, dog snacks, expensive Belgian beer and leftover frozen birthday cake.

And the fact that Jung Kyung Ho’s fridge looked a heckuva lot more organized than mine.

Although, the actor did admit he had watched a previous episode of Chef & My Fridge, so he had obviously cleaned and organized it before arriving on the show as he knew what type of questioning was coming.

Watch Jung Kyung Ho on Chef & My Fridge in the video below, and learn exactly what he keeps in his refrigerator.


I was jealous of the copious amounts of beer and wine, and the homemade food, as I would love to have a Korean mother cooking for me.

Especially one that, as Jung Kyung Ho mentions in the segment, has certificates in Japanese, Korean and Chinese food.

Many episodes of Chef & My Fridge are now streaming on Viki. Unfortunately, the episodes featuring Jung Kyung Ho (episodes 18 and 19 are not two of them).


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