What is song on Doctor Cha Ep 10 as Cha Jeong Suk drives with her son’s girlfriend in the rain?

Just about the best scene in the Korean drama Doctor Cha, Episode 10 is when Cha Jeong Suk (played by Uhm Jung Hwa) is being taken for a drive by her son’s girlfriend.

A drive that happens after Jeon So Ra (Jo Ah Ram) finds Jeong Suk sitting outside the residence building, stunned from learning her cheating husband has a child with another woman.

That drive, of course, not only results in Jeong Suk feeling like she can finally “breathe’ but also in Jeon So Ra admitting she knows Cha Jeong Suk’s cheating husband Dr. Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) is having an affair with Dr. Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin).

During the drive the heavens suddenly open, the rain pours down, and that lovely scene ends with the two women laughing hysterically together as So Ra is unable to close the car’s roof.

It also hints of a new friendship between the two former adversaries. And one that will likely be beneficial for both.


What is the song playing on Doctor Cha, Episode 10 as Cha Jeong Suk and Jeon So Ra are driving in the rain?

Towards the end of that touching drive, there is also a lovely song playing as the scene itself ends.

That song is appropriately called ‘Breath‘ (or the beautiful-looking 숨 in Korean), and is performed by Jung Seung Hwan.

A wonderfully talented South Korean pop singer, who has also had his music played on the soundtracks of other hit K-dramas like My Mister, Life, Now, We are Breaking Up, Another Miss Oh and Start Up.

Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘Breath‘, of course, not only starts with the sound of a heartbeat, but also beautifully musically illustrates that scene during which Cha Jeong Suk feels as though she can catch a full breath for the first time since learning of her husband’s betrayal.

And while the lyrics of Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘Breath‘ suggest a romantic message, in reality you can also say they are appropriate for Jeon So Ra’s rescue of Cha Jeong Suk, can’t you?:

Hold on to me, disappearing
Give your warmth and breath to me
Walk with me right here
Take care of me so that I don’t fall down
You’re the only one who makes me run
I open my eyes then
Show it to me
That I can call you
Oh, you take my breath away

(You will find the remained of the English translation of the lyrics for Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘Breathvia Genius).

Listen to Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘Breath’, as heard at the end of Doctor Cha, Episode 10 on the Spotify player (which also has a lovely instrumental version of the track), and on the song’s official lyric video — which comes with an English translation along with the original Korean lyrics.

In the YouTube notes for that video, the South Korean music distributor Music&New nicely describes Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘Breath‘ like this:

Jung Seung Hwan’s unique emotional line adds a sense of immersion to the drama’s OST, enhancing the completeness of the drama.

‘Breath’, which was released on the ‘Doctor Cha Jeong-suk’ OST Part. 3 is a song that gives courage to the child in her heart who has not yet grown up to face the reality of adults living in an endless series of choices and heavy responsibilities.

It warmly captures the will of the main character who takes a new step while breathing in.

The piano melodies, which start calmly and dreamily, gradually become dynamic with a rich scale, and harmonize with Jeong Seung-hwan’s sweet vocals to comfort her inner child.

You can also watch that lovely car scene between Doctor Cha’s Cha Jeong Suk and Jeon So Ra again in the Netflix clip below.

The drama, which is one of the best K-dramas out at the moment, is airing via that streaming platform in most regions.

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