What is Spotify’s Most Streamed Track Ever? It’s a Major Lazer Song. Really


When you’re on Spotify and check out the number of times a song has been streamed, do you ever wonder which track is Spotify’s most streamed track ever? I do. And you may be surprised when you find out exactly which song that is. I know I was when I heard Spotify had just released that information.

Because, let’s face it, when you think about Spotify’s most streamed track ever you are more than likely thinking about something from Madonna, Coldplay, Beyonce or The Beatles. Or maybe even a Taylor Swift song?

Nope. You’d be wrong on all counts.

Because, weirdly, (at least in my opinion, although I do think the track is superb) the song that has been streamed the most on Spotify is ‘Lean On‘ by electronic pop group Major Lazer and DJ Snake (with MØ).

It was only released this year, has not hit the number 1 spot in the US (although it did hit number 1 in five other countries) and yet it’s the track a big percentage of Spotify users seem to love.

And what makes this even cooler is ‘Lean On’ is an indie track released on two indie labels (Mad Decent/Because Music), which proves once and for all you do not have to be signed with a major label to be a huge success.

It’s not just Spotify where you can stream ‘Lean On‘ by Major Lazer and DJ Snake (with MØ), however. It’s also available on Deezer, as is the amazing album — Major Lazer’s Peace Is The Mission — it comes from.

Listen to the track in the Deezer plugin below and, of course, buy the album as it really is freaking fine.

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