What is The Buccaneers S1 Ep 7 end credits song as Nan and Theo leave in the carriage?

That almost haunting song playing on the Apple TV+ series The Buccaneers end credits this week — The Buccaneers, Season 1, Episode 7, “First Footing” — may not have been familiar to you before, but it should be from now on.

As it really is a lovely little piece.

The song begins playing on the episode as we see Nan walking out of the house and into the carriage, followed by Theo. It continues playing as the pair drive off, both looking out of their windows and away from each other.

No, it isn’t likely to be a happy ending for Nan and Theo, even if they get married, as Nan cares about nobody but herself and we all know it.

That song, by the way,┬áis Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Feel Good‘, and is a track you will also have noticed when it played on Episode 4 of the series.

When was Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Feel Good‘ released?

Feel Good‘ is one of two songs Van Etten has featured on the official The Buccaneers soundtrack, the other being ‘Close to You‘.

The song was released especially for the Apple TV + series in early November, with a lyric video for the song also being uploaded to YouTube. (Watch/listen below)

It is the most recent release from the indie rock/folk rock singer songwriter, and is one of numerous songs the American singer has had licensed for use on hit TV series — including on shows like Big Sky, Cold Feet, The Originals, Kingdom, Riverdale and The OA.

Sharon Van Etten herself has been releasing independent music since 2007, first on her own hand-made/recorded self-published CDs, until she was signed to Language of Stone records in 2009.

Since then, the now-42-year-old singer/songwriter has released six full-length albums, along with several EPs and singles. She has also acted in several dramas, and provided songs for the soundtracks of some of them.

Listen to Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Feel Good‘ as heard over The Buccaneers‘ end credits this week in the song’s lyric video, and on the official The Buccaneers soundtrack, which is now available on Spotify.

You can hear more songs from The Buccaneers, and learn about the artists performing them, on Leo Sigh.

Episode 7 of The Buccaneers is now streaming via Apple TV+.

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