What is the ‘Star’ song on See You In My 19th Life Ep 2 end credits and in Episode 1 scenes?

Along with the touching story of Ban Ji Eum, a woman who remembers her previous lives, and Moon Seo Ha, a man who lost the love of his life in a car crash when he was a child, the Korean drama See You in My 19th Life also features some gorgeous ballads on its soundtrack.

Ballads like the song playing on See You In My 19th Life, Episode 1.

A song that was first played during the swimming pool scene midway through the first episode as a young Moon Seo Ha asks Yoon Jo Won “Do you like me?”

The song is played again during the same episode as Ban Ji Eum is at the hotel looking at the turtle in the tank. and Moon Seo Ha appears on the opposite side of the fish tank.

It then appears again in Episode 2 as the end credits song, as well as at the beginning of the episode as Ban Ji Eum is driving on the racing track and remembering being a child in her 18th life

That song is called ‘Star‘ and is sung by Colde.

‘Star’ by Colde from the See You In My 19th Life, Pt 2. OST

Star‘ was written specifically for the See You In My 19th Life drama series, which is obvious when you listen to the song’s touching lyrics:

If my tears fall
Down in my universe
Turns into a nеw world
Time to find my way back home
Thousand years’ gonе
I don’t feel nothing no more
You’re the one I long for

A song that could be sung from the perspective of Ban Ji Eum, a woman who remembers the sadness in all of her past lives, and in particular the anguish she felt as she lost person after person she loved.

Or from the perspective of Moon Seo Ha, a man who cannot get over his lost love or how he lost her.

The melody of Colde’s ‘Star‘ too is touching and immediately addictive, so it is no wonder fans of the drama have been all over social media for the better part of a week trying to find out what the song was called.

Star‘ by Colde was officially released today, and so now you know.

Who is Colde?

The 29-year-old Colde is a South Korean R&B hip hop singer who is part of the indie music duo Off On Off.

He is also a successful solo artist, with three albums, four EPs and a plethora of singles to his name, as well as collabs with several other top artists.

See You In My 19th Life is not the first time Colde’s music has been featured on a drama soundtrack either, as his songs have also been played on Backstreet Rookie, and Eccentric! Chef Moon and the web series Blue Birthday.

Listen to Colde’s ‘Star’ from See You In My 19th Life in the song’s beautiful music video, which features some of the sweetest scenes from the drama, and via Spotify below.

The Spotify release also includes the lovely instrumental version of the song.

It is a song that is so darned pretty, I have had it on repeat since it was released earlier today.

You can watch See You In My 19th Life via Netflix.

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