What is Troye Sivan’s Backstage Ritual Before a Concert? (Video)


It is amazing how South African/Australian singer Troye Sivan, the former YouTube star, has become so famous in such a short time. While going viral on YouTube was one thing, Sivan’s popularity really kicked in when he released his debut EP TRXYE back in 2014.

Since then, his debut album Blue Neighborhood, released late in 2015, has skyrocketed him to even more fame, as well as to appearances on some of the United States biggest talk shows. And to even more fan attention from fans who are dying to know everything about the 21-year-old singer.

That is why this Vogue video about Troye Sivan’s backstage ritual before a concert has over 35,000 views just a few hours after it was uploaded to YouTube.

So what is Troye Sivan’s typical backstage ritual? It includes vocal exercises, pep talks and affirmations in front of the mirror (very cute!), and meditation.

Watch Sivan in the video below demonstrating his backstage ritual before every concert. The ritual getting him into the mood to be incredible on stage, and to entertain you.

You can still buy Sivan’s hit debut album, Blue Neighborhood on most major music sites.

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