What song is on Divorce Attorney Shin, Ep. 6 as Jang Hyung Geun gives his wife divorce papers

One of the most touching scenes in Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 is when Jang Hyung Geun buys his wife a stroller, and meets her in a cafe to give it to her along with the divorce papers she wants.

As she walks away and looks back, he waves and then, as she disappears, Hyung Geun begins to cry.

That scene is accompanied by an incredibly pretty song. A slow, melancholic song that has played on several other scenes in the Korean legal drama in previous episodes.

It is a song that showed up again right at the end of Episode 9 of the superb legal drama tonight, and is also a track that has just been released on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Yes, the folks in charge of the songs on the Divorce Attorney Shin soundtrack at the Leon Korea record label are a bit slow getting these tracks released, unfortunately.

That song is called ‘Far Away‘ by Sunwoojunga, and it was finally released on March 25th. A week after Episode 6 aired.

It also a track so utterly perfect for that Jang Hyung Geun divorce scene in Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 in both music and lyrics.

Lyrics that talk about regret.

The regret Jang Hyung Geun obviously feels, and the same regret many of us feel as our relationships fall apart:

I wish I could just throw everything away
and leave without any regrets
like a person looking far away

I wish I could sing without worry
like the clouds over there

Even if the footprints left behind with regret
hold me back

Listen to the utterly beautiful ‘Far Away‘ by Sunwoojunga, as played on Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 as Jang Hyung Geun gives his wife the divorce papers.

Then put it on Repeat on both YouTube and Spotify, like I have done.

You can listen to a lot more of the music from Divorce Attorney Shin — pop, trot and classical — here on Leo Sigh.


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