What song plays as Noh Go-jin tells Lee Shin-ah “Let’s date” in Crazy Love, Episode 10 ending an over end credits?

If I had to name my favorite K-drama of recent years, while Hometown Cha Cha Cha is a very very close second, I would have to say this year’s Crazy Love starring  Kim Jae-wook, Krystal Jung, and Ha Jun could not be bumped off my top spot by the more than 100 K-dramas I have also watched this year.

After all, it is not just that Crazy Love is one of the most well-written TV series I have watched, both Korean and otherwise, but also that the all the series’ actors are superb, the characters are quirky and strange, and the story and plot twists are fascinating.

Add in the superb songs on the Crazy Love soundtrack, and the surprising ending, and this K-drama has to go down in K-drama history as one of the best ever released.

Songs like the gorgeously romantic song playing at the end of Crazy Love, Episode 10 as Noh Go-jin tells Lee Shin-ah “Let’s date”.

But what song out of all the lovely K-pop songs on the Crazy Love soundtrack is that one?


What song plays as Noh Go-jin tells Lee Shin-ah “Let’s date” in Crazy Love, Episode 10 ending scene, and over the end credits?

The song playing during the ending scene in Noh Go-jin’s office as he asks Lee Shin-ah to date him, continues playing over the end credits, and then plays again early on in Crazy Love, Episode 11 is Jay B’s ‘Dive Into You‘.

The sweet K-pop track was written specifically for the Crazy Love soundtrack by Midnight and TM, and is Noh Go-jin’s theme song in the series.

Featuring a slow, mellow guitar riff and vocals that become more powerful as the song continues, ‘Dive Into You‘ expresses exactly how Noh Go-jin feels as he realizes he is not only in love with Lee Shin-ah, but he cannot possibly live without her by his side.

As the translation of the Korean lyrics says:

I’ll dive into you tonight
By my side now
I’m missing you tonight
Stay by my side
I’m holding your hand
You can wander it forever
You and I will be in the sеa forever

Listen to Jay B’s ‘Dive Into You‘, Noh Go-jin’s theme song from Crazy Love, on the Crazy Love soundtrack, and in the official music video for the song featuring the show’s stars Kim Jae-wook and Krystal Jung in scenes from the hit K-drama.

And, of course, watch Crazy Love on Disney +.


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