When Conchita Wurst Knows She’s Sexy, Look What Happens

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There are some days Conchita Wurst just makes me scream laughing. Today is one of those days. Not laughing at her, you understand, but with her. And delightedly so.

And what made me laugh today you ask? This video.

A follow up to a photograph posted on Conchita’s stylist’s Instagram account last week (see below).

A black and white photograph of Conchita Wurst wearing a tightly cinched-in corset, thigh-high boots, garters and a dress — unbuttoned and flowing out behind her like a cape. Standing on a treadmill in a faux exercise pose. And, of course, showcasing just about the most perfect ass you’ve ever seen.  

Today, a week after the emergence of this photograph, we were treated to the aforementioned video. A video obviously filmed the same day. The video that made me laugh.

Because Conchita Wurst is now off the treadmill, minus the dress-like-a-cape but still in the same thigh high boots, garters and corset — which this time we can see is dotted with tiny diamonds.

And what made me laugh — utterly delighted — was what Conchita Wurst is doing here, now she knows she’s ‘sexy’. Because she’s now playing that ‘sexy’ card for all it’s worth. And what she’s doing with it is spectacular.

Because this video opens with Conchita suggestively swinging her hips slowly from side to side, while the camera pans quickly up and down the length of her body. Then it hits her face just in time for her to look seductively into it with that Princess Diana on champagne look she does so well, and huskily whisper “Sparkle. I don’t need diamonds. I already have them”.

And it’s the impossibly tiny waist, those gorgeous legs encased in the most beautifully elegant yet highly sexual boots, the garters encircling her thighs and, of course, her amazing only partially covered ass reflected from the mirror behind her that makes this 10 seconds in time so spectacular.

Because it’s Conchita Wurst flaunting her sexuality for all the world to see. And so beautifully strong, self-confident and almost animal-like in the energy she’s emitting.

But it’s done in such a lovely way, that there’s no Miley Cyrus vulgarity here. Instead she’s chic, elegant, sophisticated and always always always… La Wurst. The diva.

And, yep, a bigger girl than I will ever be.

So I watch Conchita Wurst making love to the camera lens, and I think about how people always ask me why I am so enamoured of her. And why, as much as I have the attention span of a flea, I doubt my fascination with her will ever wear off.

And sometimes, it’s nothing more complicated than moments like this. Moments when she is so deliberately playing with her admirers, enticing them, toying with them and manipulating their emotions, she just hits that wickedly evil sense of humor I have.

The bit that, as much as I love her being sweet, kind and always polite, I also adore that Conchita Wurst is sometimes more than just a little bit…naughty.

And now she’s finally realized she’s sexy? We can probably expect a lot more moments like these. Can I just say “Hallelujah?”

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