Where is Julian Le Play performing on his ‘Zugvögel Tour’?

Julian Le Play’s ‘Zugvögel Tour‘ kicks off 17th November — where is he performing?

Austrian singer songwriter Julian Le Play kicks off his new tour next month. Called the Zugvögel  Tour, Le Play will hit 11 cities in Austria and Germany on it before it wraps up on the 1st December in Berndorf.

The tour will get to Graz, Vienna, Liepzig, Bremen and Munich among other Austrian and German cities.

Le Play’s Zugvögel Tour is to promote his 2016 album of the same name — (Zugvögel – Migratory Birds). An album that made it to the number three spot in Austria when it was released, and to number 29 on the German album charts.

The full list of concert dates is below, and you can pick up tickets via the links on Le Play’s website.

17.11.2017 Steyr at the Roeda
18.11.2017 Feldbach at the Zentrum
21.11.2017 Graz at the Orpheum
23.11.2017 Vienna at Arena
24.11.2017 Leipzig at Täubchenthal
25.11.2017 Frankfurt at the Gibson
26.11.2017 Cologne at Kantine
28.11.2017 Bremen at the Modernes
29.11.2017 Dortmund at FZW
30.11.2017 Munich at Technikum
01.12.2017 Berndorf Stadttheater

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