Which songs will you share with new Spotify/Instagram music sharing feature?

Which songs will you share with new Spotify/Instagram music sharing feature?

There is a new Spotify/Instagram music sharing feature that has just shown up on Spotify. A new function that will allow people to share songs from their favorite Spotify artists directly to their Instagram account.

The feature will mean your Instagram followers will no longer have to follow a link you post on Instagram, if you want to share music you like.

Instead, you can go to your Spotify account, share the song or the album you like, and then Instagram will create an Instagram story with the music in it, via the new ‘Share to Instagram Story‘ feature.

And, while this is a great idea, you may have some problems with the Spotify/Instagram music sharing feature until it is implemented correctly.

That is because several people, myself included, are reporting the feature doesn’t appear, even when downloading the latest version of the Spotify app. Hopefully, that will be rectified in the next few days, as it really is a cool idea.

Meanwhile, to find out how this new Spotify/Instagram music sharing feature works, watch the video below.

And think about which songs will you share first with this new┬áSpotify/Instagram music sharing feature? When it finally works for me, I think I’ll be going with this one, as it is one I currently cannot stop listening to.

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