Who are Busy Philipps’ guests on Busy Tonight, her new talk show on E!

Busy Philipps' guests on Busy Tonight

Whenever I see Busy Philipps on TV or in movies, I still always think of her as Audrey Liddell in Dawson’s Creek. A show Philipps co-starred in for 46 episodes back in 2001-2003.

Nowadays, however, Busy is even more busy than she ever was back then, with a new book coming out this month as well as a late night talk show on E!

Busy Philipps’ talk show Busy Tonight is currently in pre-production, and premieres in October. That is why the 39-year-old actress and writer was at Emmy Nominees Night last night. So she could schmooze the crowd, and hit up all her celebrity friends to appear on her show.

“I’m gonna cozy up to my friends on TV and say “Come on my show, and let’s talk about your show”.

When asked who Busy Philipps’ guests on Busy Tonight, Philipps immediately said her dream guest was Julia Roberts.

“I mean I love Julia Roberts so much. Forever. And she’s, to me, the biggest movie star of all time. So I would love to have Julia on the show in some capacity. But there are so many amazing people on television right now. Obviously, we’re here celebrating TV this weekend. You’ve got movie stars on TV, you know, everyone wants to do television.”

So it sounds like Busy has her eye on quite a few actors in her favorite TV shows and, if Busy has her way, they will be appearing on Busy Tonight as soon as she can get them.

As far as which TV shows Busy Philipps is watching herself, for hints as to who we might be seeing appear as guests on Busy Tonight?

“I was obsessed with Succession. Obsessed. And I’ve know Jeremy Strong forever. For a million years. And he’s so brilliant on the show. I mean everyone on the show is brilliant. But that was my latest binge watch. And Sharp Objects. So I’m into the binge watching”.

Busy then went on to say she doesn’t stop watching the classics she loves though either, with Friends, Seinfeld and The Office reruns high on her list of shows to go back to again and again.

So, who knows, we may be seeing some of the stars from Busy’s favorite reruns as well!

Busy Tonight premieres on October 28th on E!

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