Who Are Ed Sheeran’s Top 5 British Pop Singers? (Video)

Ed Sheeran top 5 british pop singers

If you’re a fan of British singer Ed Sheeran, you already love his music. But do you know which British pop singers Sheeran thinks are the best?

If not, you need to watch this new video from Billboard magazine, who recently asked Sheeran to name his top five British pop singers for their Billboard’s Greatest Of All Time series.

And, before you click on play, I’ll give you a hint. Sheeran loves Shirley Bassey, and also said “I really love Chris Martin. I really like Coldplay”.

Sheeran went on to explain his Top 5 British pop singer picks, saying, “I think all of the people on my Top 5 sing with feeling, and I think that’s how you know a great singer. Not just someone who sings a song well, but someone who, when they sing a song, you feel what they feel. That’s the key”.

As for the other three, and for the one he thinks is the best? Watch the video to find out.

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