Who sings the Tell Me That You Love Me theme song? So damned pretty, isn’t it?

While all of the songs from the recently ended Korean drama Tell Me That You Love Me contribute to what is one of the best K-drama soundtracks of 2023, the Tell Me That You Love Me theme song is the standout.


Interestingly, although played at the opening of each episode right from the K-drama’s premiere on November 27th, it wasn’t until this week that the track itself has been officially released.

That Tell Me That You Love Me theme song is called ‘To Your Home’ by Kim Kyung Hee — a South Korean singer songwriter who made his solo debut in 2016, and who sings one of the prettiest songs of any appearing on a K-drama in 2023.

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Such a strong standout song, in fact, fans have been asking since the Korean drama premiered way back in November, “What is that song and where can I buy it/stream it?”

To Your Home‘ by Kim Kyung Hee released on January 16th, 2024

Luckily for them, and for you, the track was officially released yesterday — January 16th, 2024 — the day the final episode of Tell Me That You Love Me premiered on Genie TV and ENA.

To Your Home‘ by Kim Kyung Hee was written and composed by Kim Kyung Hee alongside Nam Hye Seung, who also produced the song.

Its lyrics are in Korean and English.

Kim Kyung Hee, by the way, has also performed equally superb songs for other Korean drama soundtracks including Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (aka Goblin), Crash Landing on You, Doona! and Our Beloved Summer.

He is also the lead singer of the Korean indie band April 2nd.

Listen to Kim Kyung Hee’s ‘To Your Home‘, the gorgeous Tell Me That You Love Me opening theme song, in the YouTube video below and on Spotify via the player below.

The Spotify version features an instrumental version of the song, which is equally lovely.