Why Conchita Wurst Will Be As Successful at Songwriting As At Everything Else She Does (Video)

Tea with Jules -- Conchita Wurst

A new Conchita Wurst interview in English is always cause for celebration. An interview as lovely as the one released by Australian TV presenter Jules Sebastian today is cause for a big grin across my face for the entire 19 and a bit minutes I watched it. Not only because Conchita Wurst is her usual adorable self, but watching Sebastian interview her is a delight as well. As you can tell she loves the girl as much as the rest of us.

But for me, being me and always analyzing 90 percent of what Conchita does, the interview was doubly interesting as something she said snatched my attention, and made me realize something quite big for the first time — at least for Conchita and her obsession with winning a Grammy.

Conchita Wurst is going to be as successful at songwriting as with everything else she does.

tea with jules -- cw2

Conchita Wurst and songwriting

Now this was a lovely surprise. Because I have to admit, when I first heard Conchita was attempting to write her own songs, as a writer I was dubious about that. After all, writing well is not something everyone can do, regardless that many think they can.

But, one thing Conchita said in the Jules Sebastian interview made me realize, like everything else she puts her mind to, she is going to be successful at this as well. One thing I knew immediately when she said it meant, when it comes to writing, she ‘gets it’.

“The whole process is so intense, I really don’t understand how I could live without that. Because it’s very intimate and emotional, you really get to know yourself better”.

In that one sentence, Conchita Wurst proved to me she understands what it means to write, and the absolute truth behind all writing. The truth that everything you write is as much about yourself as it is about the thing or the person you are writing about.

Look at me. I’m now on my 500th and something article about Conchita Wurst and, sure, while much of why I write about her is because I’m trying to figure her out, it’s also me trying to figure myself out. Unwind why me, someone who never becomes intricately attached to anyone like I am to her, feels such a connection to her and what that says about me and who I am.

And when, as a writer, you realize that about writing, it causes something to change in you.

It causes you to work harder, dig deeper and to try to get to the absolute core of any emotion you may be feeling, so you can choose the right words and the right way to describe it.

Conchita, she has now figured that out. The thing she has never understood before. That, no matter what you are writing about, writing expresses your emotions just as deeply as does standing on a stage, like she normally does, and expressing yourself with a song.

And now she knows that, being a successful songwriter isn’t that far away for her. Neither is the Grammy she wants, and I have always known she will get.

Now watch the entire Jules Sebastian interview with Conchita in the video below because, as usual, she’s funny, and sweet, and smart and interesting. Especially when it comes to her stories about her grandmother. And Jules Sebastian is lovely.

Also watch the video below that as it’s a short questions and answers session Sebastian did as an addition that is so cute I laughed through all of it.

And one final comment, and this one is to Conchita herself because, honestly, I must. Take it from me, love, life is too short to ever drink anything as foul as black coffee. Really. It is. Stop it.

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