Why did Korea-Khitan War Ep 15 not air on Sunday and when can you watch it?

Photo courtesy KBS2

NOTE: Spoiler from the 2023 KBS Drama Awards below

While you may have been surprised when you realized the K-drama Korea-Khitan War, Episode 15 is not available on streaming services today, nor did it air on KBS2 on Sunday night, here is what you should know about the episode’s absence.

Keep reading, and you will also learn where you can eventually watch it.

2023 KBS Drama Awards airing on KBS2 tonight

According to KBS2 on their Instagram account earlier today. the 2023 KBS Drama Awards annual awards show is being broadcast live on Sunday night instead of Korea-Khitan War and several other shows.

That means you will, unfortunately have to wait a week for Korea-Khitan War, Episode 15 to air on Saturday, January 6th, 2024 followed by Episode 16 on January 7th.

If you are a fan of the drama, however, don’t be too disappointed.

Not only are the lovely Rowoon, Jang Sung Kyu and Seol In Ah hosting the awards, which you can watch via Viki/KOCOWA, but Choi Soo Jong one of the stars of Korea-Khitan War has already been announced as the winner of the KBS Daesang (Grand Prize).

That award, of course, is not a huge surprise as Korea-Khitan War is the flagship drama for the KBS this year as it was produced as a celebration for the network’s 50th anniversary, but it is still an award that is very well deserved.

Cheekily too, Netflix Korea got into the spirit by posting an action snippet on X from Korea-Khitan War (watch below) with the message:

거란 놈들 쳐들어오는데 결방이라니!!! 동요하지 말고 재주행하면서 원기옥 모읍시다. <고려거란전쟁>도 넷플릭스에서.

which roughly translated means:

Those bastards are attacking, but the show is postponed! Let’s get back on the road and collect our strength.


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