Why Does Tove Lo Have a New Lynx Tattoo on Her Hand? (Video)


Swedish singer Tove Lo has just released a video where she talks about the new tattoo she has just had inked on her hand. But it’s not just any old tattoo. Instead, Tove Lo’s new lynx tattoo inked on her hand has a meaning. A meaning that’s quite important to her.

According to Lo, in Swedish the word ‘Lo’ means ‘lynx’ and, when she was a child she fell in love with a lynx in a zoo called Tove — hence her name now, as that is the name her family started calling her because of the zoo animal.

Lo went on to say the lynx feels like her spirit album, “just because it’s been one of my favorite animals”.

And, as far as having the tattoo put on her hand, did she worry about it at all or think about what it would look like when she gets old?

“Most people would stress out about where, when and why to get a tattoo because it is for life. And I honestly did not think about it too much. I just figured it would be so nice with the little tassles on the ears, and it’s my mic hand so I figured it would look cool”.

Watch Tove Lo talking about the new lynx tattoo on her hand in the video below. And yep, I think she’s right, it’s just going to look cool when she sings.


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