Wincent Weiss’s ‘Frische Luft’ has an addictive melody and a catchy beat — Repeat Rotation Video

Wincent Weiss’s ‘Frische Luft‘ has an addictive melody and a catchy beat

Wincent Weiss‘s ‘Frische Luft‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today for no more reason than I’m more than a bit obsessed with him at the moment, and the song has an addictive melody and a catchy beat. Like pretty much everything the German singer is producing at the moment.

Frische Luft‘, or ‘Fresh Air’ in English, is from Wincent Weiss’s debut album Irgendwas Gegen Die Stille (Something Against The Silence), and it is yet another song that is establishing Weiss as one of the top German pop singers at the moment.

Doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes either.

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Watch Wincent Weiss’s ‘Frische Luft‘ in  his official music video below. If you are outside Europe, however, it will likely be blocked as, weirdly, Digster Pop doesn’t seem to want German artists to get a worldwide audience. Shame.

But you can see Weiss perform the song live at Sommerfestival 2017 this summer in the video below that.

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