Wonderful World Ep 4 ratings drop as Flex X Cop rises back to double digits

After the MBC revenge drama Wonderful World grabbed a big ratings increase on Friday night while its direct competition Flex X Cop fell, it appears the K-drama was not able to maintain its rise.

Instead, the Kim Nam Joo/Cha Eun Woo-led Wonderful World, Episode 4 aired last night to a substantial ratings drop, while the Ahn Bo Hyun/Park Ji Hyun-led Flex X Cop, Episode 12 rose nicely back up into double digits.

Both dramas air in the 10 pm time slot in South Korea.

Wonderful World, Episode 4 ratings

According to the new data via Nielsen Korea, Wonderful World, Episode 4 ratings dropped nationwide last night from the previous episode’s 8.0 percent to Saturday night’s 6.4 percent.

That is only slightly higher than the K-drama earned for Episode 2.

The drama saw a similar drop in Seoul, where it fell from Episode 3’s highest ever rating of 8.0 percent down to last night’s 6.2 percent.

Flex X Cop, Episode 12 ratings

Meanwhile, Flex X Cop aired its 12th episode in the same time slot on SBS TV and managed to grab back its lost ratings from Friday night, with Nielsen Korea reporting a rise back into double digits (10.1 percent) after its drop on Friday night to 8.3 percent.

In Seoul, the Flex X Cop, Episode 12 ratings were even better, jumping from Episode 11’s rating of 8.7 percent to last night’s 11.0 percent.

It is the second time the drama has grabbed double digits since it also earned them for Episode 8.

With only four episodes left to air, it is also likely the Flex X Cop ratings will remain strong. Especially as it is a K-drama that is being highly-rated by international viewers as well.

The next episodes of Wonderful World and Flex X Cop will air next Saturday, March 16th in the same time slot.

Let’s see how their competition goes then, eh?

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