Years & Years ‘Desire’ – Why Isn’t This Electronic Trio Huge? – Repeat Rotation Video

years & Years desire


It’s that time of the day again – Repeat Rotation Video time. And, because I’m taking a day off writing (at least for work), and doing nothing but cleaning my house and playing video games, I needed some music to dance to. So…….I’m playing Years & Years ‘Desire‘ – an awesome dance number.

If you’re not familiar with Years & Years, by the way, they’re a British electronic trio that have been around since 2010. Never really hitting it big — and they’re so good, they should be huge – they still produce some truly incredible music.

Actor Olly Alexander is the singer (and his voice is gorgeous), Mikey Goldsworthy plays bass, and Emre Turkmen is the synth player.

Let’s hope 2015 is the big year for Years & Years, because with this caliber of music they absolutely deserve it.

Meanwhile, listen to Years & Years singing ‘Desire‘. Such an amazing dance song.

Is it desire or is it love that I’m feeling for you?
I want desire cause your love only gets me abused.


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