YG Entertainment will be suing anyone pushing rumors about BLACKPINK’s Rosé – Good!

All I see are drinks, drink mats, and a bottle of wine or champagne. Plus the light reflecting off the sides of a plate or box. Then again, I am not an idiot who is about to be sued for defamation by YG Entertainment.

Anyone who knows anything about K-pop fans knows a sizable percentage of them are more than a little unhinged.

Stalking their idols, defaming them on social media and making up rumors about them just to push their own sick agendas is sadly common not only in South Korea but in the international K-pop community as well.


After all, people who spend their time obsessing over singers, groups and bands often have sad little lives themselves so, of course, they become obsessed with the lives of the artists they supposedly support.

And I say “support”, because if you do support an artist, you don’t spend your time trying to destroy their lives now, do you?

Case in point, the latest attack against the superstar girl group BLACKPINK, and this time it is group member Rosé fans/haters are going after.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé gets defamed due to a photo by a Burberry executive

The latest K-pop star defamation started yesterday when Rosé was seen in a photograph taken in Los Angeles and uploaded to Instagram by Burberry executive Riccardo Tisci. (The photo has since been taken down by Tisci)

A photo that shows nothing but a group of people sitting around a table enjoying drinks, while someone from up above them takes a photo.

In the photo are Rosé, Korean actor Kang Dong Won, Riccardo Tisci and several others.

Of course, the lunatic fringe of the BLACKPINK fandom immediately went to work “analyzing” the photograph and deciding, not only were there lines of cocaine on the table (it’s the tabletop you dumb f*cks!), but that Rosé and Kang Dong Won must be dating.

Because, you know, when two Koreans are photographed in a room together, they must be dating, right?

When called on their stupidity, several then doubled-down pointing to what looks like a box or a plate on the table with “lines of coke” on both sides.

Although, in reality, anyone not sharing three brain cells with 10 other people can see it is just light reflecting off the surface.

Leaving me to wonder, do these idiots ever leave their basements, go to parties, hang out with friends, do anything besides obsess over a K-pop idol because, if they did, they would see nothing on that table but a few drink mats, a drinks tray, a bottle of what is likely champagne or wine and some drinks.

Of course, facts mean nothing to these people, as they prefer the fantasy playing in their heads.

A fantasy that could, if allowed to continue, destroy the career and life of a K-pop star just to feed these people’s pathetic existence.

YG Entertainment will be taking legal action against anyone defaming BLACKPINK Rosé

That is why BLACKPINK Rosé’s agency YG Entertainment issued a statement earlier today letting these morons know in no uncertain terms, “Play with fire, and we will happily make sure you burn”. (Okay, they were much politer than that, as that would have been my response).

Instead, YG Entertainment made it clear anyone spreading rumors about BLACKPINK’s would feel the full force of the legal system coming down on their heads with the following statement:

This is YG Entertainment.

We are stating that the rumors associated with BLACKPINK’s Rosé spreading on various online communities, social media, etc. are clearly false information.

We are taking legal action against acts that defame or violate the human rights of our artist.

We are currently monitoring those who created and spread the rumors, and will take strong legal action in the future without any leniency or settlement.

All I can say is good for YG Entertainment standing up for the reputation of their artist.

Someone who did nothing wrong except have her photograph taken while having drinks with friends.

Michelle Topham