YOU Can Help Get Conchita’s ‘From Vienna With Love’ to Platinum Certification

Credit: Sony Music Austria

Conchita’s From Vienna With Love deserves Platinum certification

It is no secret to anyone that has talked to me over the last two months, I am obsessed with Austrian singer Conchita‘s new album From Vienna With Love.

Recorded in collaboration with the prestigious Vienna Symphony Orchestra (aka Wiener Symphoniker in German), the album hit the number 1 spot in Austria soon after release, and was certified Gold in Austria by the IFPI on December 5th, 2018.

In my mind, however, this album is so phenomenal, it should easily have hit Platinum certification by now (*a minimum of 15,000 sales in Austria), and be moving on to double Platinum certification.

It is really that good, and easily one of the best albums to ever be released by an Austrian artist.

That is why I am writing this to give you tips on how YOU can help Conchita and the Wiener Symphoniker get From Vienna With Love to Platinum certification.

Something that should be easily possible if every Conchita fan that loves this album as much as I do works hard to make it so.

In other words, do as many of the following things as you can over the next few weeks, and we have a real possibility of making this happen before the end of the year.

** Oh, and don’t worry if you are not in Austria as you can still participate. After all, we might as well get her to Platinum status everywhere, right?

1. Buy the album

Of course, the main thing that helps Conchita’s From Vienna With Love get Platinum certification in Austria is to buy it. With Christmas coming up, you can buy it for your family, friends, your boss, your dog sitter, your favorite barman, the girl at the Hofer checkout if you like her that much, and did you give your mailman a gift yet?

You can buy Conchita and the Wiener Symphoniker’s From Vienna With Love on iTunes and Amazon, and in CD form at music stores all over Austria (and most other countries too!)

Here is Conchita’s own link for all the online places you can buy it.

Buy as many copies as you can afford (give up those Starbucks drinks for a few weeks, and spend the money on Conchita. She’s worth it!) and give one to everyone you care about.

2. Stream the album as many times as you can

The number of times an album is streamed online counts towards an ‘album sale’ in Austria (and everywhere else), which then counts towards a Platinum certification.

In Austria, for every 100 times an entire album is streamed on a service like Spotify or Deezer, that counts for ‘one album sale’.

To help get the album to Platinum certification, stream Conchita’s From Vienna With Love as many times as you have time to listen to it over the next few weeks, as every stream you listen to counts.

Remember too, stream the album on multiple services — Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

On Deezer, From Vienna With Love is here. On Spotify, it’s here. On Tidal if you have a paid account, it’s here.  If you have a paid account on Napster, you can listen to it here.

Apple Music is also a paid service, but if you have an account, make sure you stream From Vienna With Love here.

Interestingly too, streams on YouTube also now count, so you will find her entire From Vienna With Love playlist here.

And don’t forget to stream it while you are out and about running errands. I listen to it every day while I’m speedwalking around Vienna.

3. Download the Shazam app and use it

While  the music discovery service Shazam does not count towards ‘an album sale’, it is an ‘influencer’ and can heavily influence other people finding new music if an album suddenly gets a lot of traction on its platform. It is also owned by Apple, which uses the data from Shazam for a variety of music promotion decisions.

That also means a sudden spike in Conchita’s new album on Shazam may influence the music Apple promotes too.

The cool thing with Shazam is, if you download the app to your phone and then ‘Shazam’ every song on Conchita’s From Vienna With Love, you can see her Shazam count immediately go up!

So, how do you ‘Shazam’?

a) Download the app and open a new account — it takes a minute.

b) Play one of the tracks From Vienna With Love on your phone or on your computer (on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, your own digital copy of her album — it doesn’t matter how), open the Shazam app and hit ‘Tap to Shazam’ while the music is playing.

c) Let the app listen to and identify the music (it’s actually really fun to watch!). Within 10-15 seconds, Shazam will identify Conchita’s song, and pop up a screen where you can listen to it. It will also add the song to your ‘My Shazam’ list for future listening.

d) The number count of Shazams for that song will then be displayed on that screen. To see the number of Shazams for each Conchita song on the album start to increase, check out this webpage for her Top 20 songs. The count increases in real time.

e) Repeat steps a-d with every track on From Vienna With Love.

4. Send streaming links to friends and family

Send links to From Vienna With Love to all your friends and family, tell them how amazing this album is and ask them to listen to it.

Make sure you send Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster and YouTube links, so they can listen to it on their favorite service.

5. Link to From Vienna With Love streams on Facebook

If you are like many people, you probably have tons of friends on Facebook that may not know that much about Conchita. Now is your chance to introduce them to her music.

Make a Facebook post and ask every friend to listen to Conchita’s self-written Have I Ever Been In Love (use this link, so they are directly connected to Spotify), and then tell you what they think.

If they like it, (or even if they dont’!) tell them to listen to the entire album as you guarantee they will love it!

6. Tweet a link to Conchita’s From Vienna With Love

Don’t spam your Twitter account with 10,000 tweets about From Vienna With Love as it will just make people unfollow you, and you don’t want that! But do tweet about it once a day.

Use this Spotify link for the album, so that people who read the tweet can go straight to Spotify and listen to her album.

And make sure you tell people this album is one of the best you’ve ever heard!

7. Post a photo on Instagram

Post a photo of the album cover art on Instagram (make sure you include this — Credit: Sony Music Austria).

Then tell your followers why you think the album is so good, and why they should listen to it and then buy it.

Use the tags #Conchita, #ConchitaWurst, #FromViennaWithLove, #ConchitaFVWL, #FVWL, #ClassicalMusic, #PopCrossover, #WienerSymphoniker, #ViennaSymphony, #Singer, #SingerSongwriter, #Music, #AlbumRelease, #Albums, #Musician, #TheUnstoppables, #WritingsOnTheWall, #HaveIEverBeenInLove, #GetHere, #TheWayWeWere, #Moonraker, #Uninvited, #Spotify.

These are all top Instagram tags, and will get more attention to your photograph. You will probably get new followers too!

Tell your viewers “LINK TO THE ALBUM IS IN MY BIO” — Then add the link Conchita is using on her Instagram account (here) to your own Instagram page by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’, then adding it to the section that says “Website”.

Giving back to Conchita

Conchita herself has said From Vienna With Love is the most proud she has been about anything she has ever recorded. (She should be proud, it’s astounding!)

So let’s all do what we can over the next few weeks to help her get the album Platinum certification.

After all, she gives us so much every day, I think it’s fabulous when we have a big opportunity like this to give something back to her.

And thank you so much for anything you have time to do!

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