You must watch Conchita Wurst’s NDR Talk Show ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ performance, it’s stunning (video)

You must watch Conchita’s performance of ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ on NDR Talk Show — it’s bare bones, stripped down and beautiful

Now, I almost didn’t click on this new video of Conchita Wurst singing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ on NDR Talk Show this week because, honestly, it’s my least favorite Conchita song at the moment simply because I’ve heard it 99,000 times already.

But, click on it I did because, with Conchita and how much she is playing with her songs lately, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. And, in this case, that proved ridiculously true.

As Conchita’s NDR Talk Show performance of ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ is even more stunning than usual. Given that it’s just Conchita, casually sitting on the arm of a chair, accompanied by only a guitarist (Severin Trogbacher), without all the musical bells and whistles ‘Rise‘ usually comes with and with a song that is stripped right down to the bone.

Because this ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ is the gut-wrenching one that song was probably always supposed to be.

The one that is the pre-cursor to the Eurovision song and that event’s hopeful version of how she knew she was going to be the phoenix rising from the ashes, and would soon be moving past all those people that hurt her so much.

Here, though, Conchita’s NDR Talk Show version of ‘Rise‘ is less of an anthem and much more of a plea.

A plea with her almost begging for the chance to rise above everything, and to show those people how she always was someone if they would only have taken the time to notice instead of judge.

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And watch her face while she is singing.

Because she has this amazing ability to change instantaneously from being a relaxed, talkative and friendly talk show guest into someone who is devastated beyond belief about what is happening to her. And every emotion she is feeling as she sings that song is right there on her face for all to see.

You don’t see concentration like that too often.

Oh and do watch the fabulous Barbara Schoeneberger, host of the show, grinning like the Cheshire Cat as she watches Conchita sing. Because that shot proves right there how much she bloody loves that girl and, I have to say, I love her for it.

As for the show itself, you can watch Conchita on NDR Talk Show in the show’s 2-plus-hour entirety here.

I recommend, though, if you love this performance as much as I do that you download the YouTube video as well, as German networks have a tendency to get things deleted quickly that they don’t want to see online any longer. (I use KeepVid to do that).

And finally, leave Conchita a comment on one of her Instagram photos telling her how much you loved this performance, because as much as she gets a lot of praise for what she does, I always get the feeling she really doesn’t know just how incredible she is. (Come on, you can see it in that shy smile and the looking away from the camera as everyone is applauding. The feeling that she’s always not quite sure if she really deserves it).

And while you’re on her Instagram page, make sure you follow her account as well. She always has such pretty photos, and you wouldn’t want to miss one.

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