Zella Day On What It’s Like Being on the Road And Why She Runs Every Day (Video)

zella day runs

American singer Zella Day got together with Billboard magazine recently and talked about what it’s like being on the road on tour, gave them a look at her tour bus and explained why she runs every day.

According to Day, being on the road has not actually been that difficult. Even for someone who has a plant-based diet, and tries to stay as healthy as possible so she has the energy to give her best performances on stage.

“Everything is foreign on the road, so you’re like in a different city around new people, food can easily become a comfort. I’ve had to really make a mental shift on the way that I think about food. I have a refrigerator that I stock every weekend with farmers’ market stuff, and as much as I can do I have a plant-based diet incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables”.

Day went on to explain that running also has a big impact in her life, and it’s something that she tries to do every day.

“I feel like over the past year my performances have become even more energetic than they started off being. And I’m more physical on stage. That’s why I go running every day. I need the stamina. Like I need my lungs to be able to fill up a hundred percent so that I can sustain myself for the hour and a half that I’m playing”.

And yes, the video is sponsored by Silk soy milk, but that doesn’t mean Zella Day doesn’t drink Silk, nor that you need to drink it either (there are plenty of other soy milks that are just as good or better — although Silk is enrolled in the non-GMO program, so that’s nice).

Watch her below.

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