015B’s ‘Re: 14’ feat. Minjeong is so COOL and ADDICTIVE I’ve listened to it 10 TIMES since I rolled out of bed

In the last few weeks, I have discovered some damned good Korean music simply by watching the superb Korean drama Divorce Attorney Shin.

A K-drama that features not only trot songs that may sound “old-fashioned” to some but, to me, are the next level of “cool”, but also some superb K-pop tracks.

Tracks like 015B’s ‘Goodbye Now’, which showed up on Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6, and that has now earned pride of place on my Spotify Liked Songs list so I can listen to the track on repeat.

But, as always happens to me once I discover a new artist, of course, one song is never enough.

That is when I head down the rabbit hole that is Spotify so that, before I know it, I am not only following that artist but also listening to everything they release.

And that is what has happened with Korean music duo 015B.

A pop, hip hop, electronica duo that has been putting out music since 1990, with boatloads of superb music produced already, and one that is still releasing just as fabulous music as they did over 30 years ago when the duo started off.

But, I don’t think I have been as grateful to the music supervisors of Divorce Attorney Shin for introducing me to 015B as I was this morning when I opened Spotify to be faced with the duo’s new release.

A track called ‘Re: 14′, (aka ‘To be 14 with memories‘) which features Korean singer Minjeong, and one that is so damned addictive, I have listened to it 10 times already just in the hour since I rolled out of bed.

Because 015B’s ‘Re: 14′ starts off with a sweet whistle intro that quickly morphs into an upbeat, sexy, guitar-driven, jazz-infused pop song with a cool beat and addictive melody, and all sung by Minjeong who has the sweetest and huskiest voice I have heard in eons.

(Yep, I am following her on Spotify now as well because, hell, her VOICE!!!!!).


Album cover for 015B’s New Edition 49 featuring Minjeong’s “Re: 14” 

On their Facebook page, 015B explains the idea behind ‘Re:14‘ like this:

You must have thought about this at least once. If I went to the past with my memories, what would I do?

015B’s new song ‘To be 14 with memories’ coming out on March 22nd is a song that started with this question. “What would you do if you went back in time?”

I don’t know about you but I would start my website years before I did, so I could write for years longer about cool songs like this.

In other words after all my gushing about this track, if you are looking for something new and truly superb in music this week, check out 015B’s ‘Re: 14‘, feat. Minjeong. It is fabulous.

Plus, if the track itself isn’t enough, it comes with a sped up version that is just as killer, along with the prettiest of instrumental versions.

Listen to all of them via the Spotify player, as well as watch the official music video for 015B’s ‘Re: 14‘ below.

That video stars Minjeong herself and, while she is cuter than cute, man, can that girl sing.

015B, by the way, is brothers Jeong Seok-won and Jang Ho-il who use many different singers as the vocalists for the music they release.

In Korean, 015B is 공일오비 , which apparently means “A crow flies across the sky”. Cool, eh? (Now follow them on Spotify here).


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