What’s the song on Divorce Attorney Shin, Ep 6 at the campsite as Shin tells Hyung Geun to tell his wife “Goodbye”

There is so much superb music being used on the Divorce Attorney Shin soundtrack, I often find myself rewinding certain scenes just to hear a song or an instrumental piece again.


Music like the Korean pop ballad ‘Goodbye Now‘ by music duo 015B — the song that played mid-way through Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 as Shin is camping with his two closest friends and the office’s new lawyer.

The track begins to play as Shin Sung Han tells Jang Hyung Geun he should say “Goodbye” to his wife, and grant her the divorce she wants.

“The song says it’s time to say goodbye”, says Shin referring to the 015B track playing in the background, to which Hyung Geun replies “It says time will bring us back together”, even though he knows deep down it probably won’t.

When was 015B’s ‘Goodbye Now‘ released?

015B’s ‘Goodbye Now‘ was released in January, 2019 on the duo’s Yearbook 2018 album.

And, just in case the Korean pop ballad sounds familiar, you may have also heard it on the soundtrack of the Korean drama Prison Playbook (Episode 10).

The Korean duo itself comprises brothers Jeong Seok-won and Jang Ho-il, and has been popular in Korea since it was founded in 1990.

It is a duo that doesn’t have a lead singer.

Instead, the pair invite different singers to provide the lyrics for each new song they create.

In the case of 015B’s ‘Goodbye Now‘, however, it is the only track on the Yearbook 2018 album that does not have a guest singer listed.

Listen to 015B’s ‘Goodbye Now‘ as heard on Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 6 on the Spotify player and in its lyric video.

Not only is the song pretty, it has a helluva chorus too.

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Michelle Topham