20 Videos I would love Conchita Wurst/Tom Neuwirth to make for his YouTube channel because…I’m nosy and he’s fascinating

Like just about every singer, songwriter, musician, artist Conchita Wurst/Tom Neuwirth is limited in what she/he can do with her/his career right now.

Austria’s world’s longest lockdowns and other idiocy surrounding the government’s current panic over Covid-19 has tended to cause that, sadly.

What that also seems to mean, however, is in recent week Tom is putting his YouTube channel in higher gear than it has been in the past.

After all, if he can’t perform in live concerts, and TV show offers are limited because of the times we currently live in, he might as well engage with fans that way instead.

So, on his Instagram stories last night, Tom asked fans if they had ideas for videos he could make. Other than another make-up video. Especially as he has uploaded two of those in the last couple of weeks. (Watch the first one below)


So, Tom, here’s my suggestions for videos I would love you to make for Conchita Wurst’s YouTube channel… because I’m nosy.

And because I think fans would love to know as much about you as you are willing to reveal.

Let’s face it, few people in Austria are as interesting (or as weird 🙂 ) as you.

Videos I would love Conchita Wurst/Tom Neuwirth to make for his YouTube channel

Before I start, for those of you that are still in the dark (where HAVE you been?), Conchita/WURST/Tom’s YouTube channel is here.

His videos currently have almost 44 million views, which is damned good for someone who hasn’t concentrated on his channel that much, and with a mix of music videos, question and answer videos, make-up videos and, lately, podcasts.

Anyway, here are the videos I would love Conchita/Tom to make because some of them are about things I’ve always wanted to know.

    • A Recommendation Video — What TV series/movies are you watching? What music/artists do you currently like? (Austrian and non-Austrian). Best drag queens? Favorite YouTube channels? What websites do you visit? Designers whose work you currently love? Countries you recommend visiting? Favorite make-up brand/perfume? Best food/restaurants in Vienna? Basically, any stuff you like and you think we might like too.
    • A Shout-out Video — I am betting you watch hours of videos on YouTube. Who do you think makes awesome videos and deserves more views/attention than they’re getting? Record a shout-out video. Tell us why you like them, why you think their videos stand out, what makes you laugh/think/or they make you do because of watching their stuff?
    •  A Funny Story Video — You are just a strange, strange person (no worries, I like that 🙂 ) and weird shit seems to happen to you all the time. Tell us a funny story we probably haven’t heard before. Because, come on, you really are an amazing story teller. (His story about flying over the audience during Eurovision with a fear of heights is hilarious! Listen below.)

    • Favorite Charity and Why? — You’ve thrown your support behind a few charities in the last few years. What is your favorite charity, what services do they provide and why do you think what they do is important?
    • What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment? — We all have them. One of mine was walking the full length of New York’s La Guardia Airport with the back of my dress tucked into my underwear (why did it take 10 minutes for someone to tell me????) And, of course, meeting you and not being able to stop talking (FFS, shoot me!). What embarrassing thing has happened to you/what did you do that, if you could have a do-over, you’d rather live without?
    • What Weird Talent or Skill Do You Have? — I can read the Bible like a prophet. (At least that’s what a judge once told me in a Bible reading competition 🙂 ) What weird talent or skill do you have? Do you cook the best omelettes? Do your friends rave about your margaritas? Can you do the splits? Talk backwards? Speak Finnish/Klingon? Moonwalk? Whistle with your fingers? Juggle? Personally I’d kill to be able to raise just one eyebrow like you…but we already know about that one.
    • A Hobby Video? — Do you draw/paint? Are you learning Chinese? Do you collect anime figures? Collect anime series (favorite series?) Do you trawl flea markets for antiques? Do you collect CDs/vinyl of certain music genres? Do you like to cook? Tell us about a hobby you have, have had or would like to have if you had time?
    • Biggest Success/Biggest Failure? — I would guess your biggest success is winning the Eurovision Song Contest as that kicked off everything for you. But it might not be? You might classify something much smaller and more personal as your biggest success. And biggest failure? Or something you haven’t been able to achieve you, but really really want to? (She got to be the main star the following year at ESC Vienna too — watch her interval act below).

  • How Do You Put Together an Outfit? — You have an amazing eye for fashion. I notice ‘new’ outfits you’ve put together all the time from things you already have in your closet (an excellent and worthwhile skill). How do you put together an outfit? What do you think about when you choose clothing pieces out of your wardrobe? How do you know what works and what doesn’t? (I know zippo about clothing and putting together unusual, stylish outfits, so would love to learn).
  • Styling Advice Videos —  You are known for being a fashion icon. (Silly label and, I would imagine, a pain to live up to, but there ya go!) Pick a singer/actor/ celebrity and dress them. You can do it in a kind way without savaging what they already wear, but it would be interesting to see if you could dress them better than they already dress themselves. You might get their attention too?
  • What’s Your Skincare Routine? — You have really pretty skin? How do you take care of it? Show us what you do every morning/every night before you go to bed? What products do you use and recommend? (His face and how earnest he is when he talks about removing make-up being MANDATORY still makes me laugh five years later — watch the video)

    • Current Fashion Trends? — What do you think is interesting right now? What do you hate? What do you wish a top designer would send you to wear? What would you not be caught dead in? Which designer do you think is killing it? Who would you love to work with?
    • What Do You Eat in a Day? — People are fascinated with what other people eat. I’ve been told you’re a bottomless pit and can pretty much eat anything? So what do you actually eat in a day? Healthy? Junk food? Vegetarian? Vegan? Other than pizza, I have no idea what you eat or even what your favorite foods are? Show us your typical breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
    • A Tips Video for Someone Starting Out in the Music Industry — Let’s face it,  you are the biggest success Austria has had in decades. (I don’t count Schwarzenegger. I’ve met him. He’s an ass). Yet, you spent a fair few years trying to ‘break into the big time’ before you actually made it. What do you think you did right? What do you think you probably shouldn’t have done? What would you have done if you could do it again? The music industry is hell for most people. Getting tips from someone who has done so incredibly well would be useful for many would-be singers. (Watch the first time mainstream Austria learned about Conchita below — her performance was incredible and, of course, the audience loved her. And yes, I’ve watched it 9,000 times, and it still makes me cry).

  • A Rant Video — What do you hate? A TV show? A movie? A politician? (Pick Kurz, please, please, please!!!) A food? Things boyfriends should never ever do if they want you to stay in love with them forever? (You have strong opinions about all sorts of shit that you kept hidden for years. I prefer the real you. Tell us!!! 🙂 )
  • What’s Your Morning/Evening Routine? — Of course, these differ when you’re on the road or filming a show. When you’re in Vienna though, what’s your typical morning routine? Lying around in bed until lunchtime? Cooking a specific breakfast? Following a specific skin routine? Out jogging at 5am? Listening to meditation music as you fall asleep? Going to bed at daybreak? Getting 9-hours sleep? It might sound boring to you. I’d be interested, and probably others would be too.
  • A Cooking Video? — It might be how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? (I don’t know, I’ve heard you don’t cook? 🙂 ) Is there an Austrian dish we should all be trying? Can you show us how?
  • A Bucket List — Do you have one? What’s on it? Have you already achieved things on it? Is there anything fans can help you achieve?
  • Tips For Getting Through Bullying? — (There’s one here, but I’d love to hear a newer version now you’re much more open than you used to be). Let’s face it, if I could choose anyone to be a role model for teenagers struggling to get through their high school years because of bullying, it would be you. Hands down. Because you not only survived some awful things during that period of your life, you came out of it smelling like a rose, and with the best attitude in the world. “Love yourself and fuck those who don’t”.I would love to see a video from you looking back on your teen years and giving advice or even just encouragement to teens nowadays for the shit so many of them are forced to endure. Because that kind of encouragement is really needed. (There’s a fascinating video with Conchita where she talks about being bullied and what that did to her“I mean, I’m very self-confident, and I know what I do, and I love what I do and I know because of the fact that I’m not hurting anyone and I’m respectful, I’m allowed to be who I want to be. But, you know, the past stays, it’s a long way till you get rid of all this trash people put on you.”)
  • Advice/Encouragement for Gay Teens — You know all too well how horrendous it can be for a gay teenager, unless he/she is lucky. What advice can you give to gay teens when it comes to getting through those years and coming out the other side a happy, healthy person that loves themselves?So many gay teenagers commit suicide before their lives have even had a chance to begin. I think it would be helpful for some who are struggling to hear about your experiences and how you dealt with them. Especially because you are now so successful and so loved. (He was utterly utterly beautiful when he first hit the Austrian music scene but, man, he’d gone through some horrible shit to get that far).

And that’s 20 quick ideas for videos I would love to see on Conchita Wurst’s YouTube channel.

Doubt we’ll ever see them, because my track record with him is not good (absolutely MY fault, not his 🙁 ), but…I can live in hope.

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