Adele Says She Will Not Play Glastonbury, But Here’s Why She Should

screenshot from adele's new album 25 Hello single

Adele released the first single from her new album 25 yesterday. And, along with that, are coming a slew of new interviews with the British singer.

One such interview with NME yesterday in particular caught my attention as, in it, Adele mentions she will not play Glastonbury next year as she is too afraid of the big crowds.

And, for many fans, that might seem hugely surprising as why on earth would a superstar like Adele be afraid of large crowds?

To me, though, as I’m someone who has watched Adele closely since she first hit the big time with the release of her album 21 in 2011, it does not surprise me at all. As, if you watch her closely when she is performing live, you can see the telltale signs that Adele is someone who is quite shy and, in some respects, lacks in self-confidence. (Yes, many superstars have the same issues we all have).

It’s in her eyes, in the self-conscious way she sometimes moves on stage, and in the lack of a lot of audience contact.

You can see this specifically in Adele’s live performance of ‘Someone Like You‘ at the Brit Awards in 2011. A performance that was just Adele singing with a piano, was absolutely stunning in its brilliance, and that brought the celebrity-packed audience to its feet.

But, a performance in which, if you look at her eyes as she begins to sing, you can tell she is very very nervous. And, as she finishes singing a few minutes later, she steps back, wipes her hands on her dress, nervously bites her thumb nail,¬†and shyly smiles as if she can’t quite believe they love her.

Yes. That’s why Adele says she will not play Glastonbury. The fear.

But. She should. Because her talent, particularly live, is absolutely amazing, and, once she was over her initial fear (because, let’s face it, Adele, it starts to go away as soon as you start to sing) the adrenaline rush she would get from playing Glastonbury, and from that huge of a crowd’s reaction to her, would lift her up for days.

Come on, Adele. You’re amazing. You can do it. And, once you’ve done it, you will be so happy that you did.

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