Amadeus Awards Live Acts Include Conchita Wurst, Herbert Grönemeyer and Wanda

amadeus awards



This year will be the first time I will be watching the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, and I couldn’t be more excited. Not just because Conchita Wurst will be singing her new single ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ live, but because there are so many other fabulous artists who will be performing that night too.

People like Germany’s Herbert Grönemeyer who, since I discovered him a few months ago, has become one of my favorite singers.

Other artists singing live at the Amadeus Awards in Vienna on March 29th include local Austrian band Tagtraeumer, who are releasing their debut album this month and have a fabulous debut single out, The Makemakes, who are Austria’s recently chosen representatives to Eurovision 2015, the Poxrucker Sisters, the band Wanda, and solo artist Julian le Play.

The 2015 Amadeus Awards should be an interesting event award-wise too, particularly as Conchita Wurst has been nominated for awards in three categories, as have both Julian le Play and Tagtraeumer.

I’ll keep you updated as new information comes in, as well as the outcome of the nominations on the night of the event. Meanwhile, you can find out more on the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards website.

Special Note: Conchita Wurst’s debut album will be released on May 15, 2015. Entitled ‘Conchita‘, you can currently pre-order it on iTunes.

Michelle Topham