Anna of the North’s ‘Believe’ cover is a slow, dreamy, gorgeous version of the Cher classic (music video)

Norwegian singer songwriter Anna of the North’s ‘Believe‘ is one of the most beautiful covers of the Cher classic I’ve ever heard.

The track is a super slow, softened dream pop version of the original dance pop song and, to me, a much more emotional and touching song than the original that, while I liked it, it still always felt a little too hard.

In part, that is due to Anna of the North‘s gorgeous, delicately sweet vocals, which are also tinged with that lovely quirky accent she always has when singing in English.

Vocals that make the song feel almost like a lullaby rather than a pop song.

Anna of the North’s ‘Believe’ cover also comes with a beautifully shot music video.

It has Anna on stage in a club singing while a woman walks into the club and begins to dance. As she does, she notices another woman standing talking to someone across the room.

A woman she was obviously once in love with and now feels uncomfortable to face.

The second woman sees her but, instead of walking over to say hello, turns and walks in the opposite direction. A few minutes later she is dancing with a third woman and making it obvious this is who she is with now.

As the first woman leaves, and gets outside the club, she begins to realize she is strong enough to get over this, and that there is someone else much better for her out there. (article continues below…)

Listen to Anna of the North’s ‘Playing Games’ from Never Have I Ever pilot episode

Anna of the North’s ‘Believe‘ cover is apparently a song she loves and has been performing before concerts for quite a while.

As she explains in the music video notes:

Personally “Believe” by Cher has always been one of my go to songs. We’ve always been playing the song on tour when we were arriving at venues to get extra hyped before a show. On my last tour we started playing the song out loud in the venue after the encore. And me and the audience would just start this huge dance party which was just the best ending to every show. This release is a tribute to my fans and our memories together, and a little chance for me to channel my inner Cher.

The original ‘Believe‘ by Cher was released on her 22nd album way way back in 1998. Since then, it has become a song that has soaked itself into our consciousness.

Anna of the North’s ‘Believe‘ cover is from her just-released EP of the same name. A 5-track EP that I urge you to listen to, as the other four songs are just as lovely as this.

You can do that in the Spotify player below.



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