Badland Hunters’ Ma Dong Seok is #1 in February’s Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings

If you have already watched the hit Netflix film Badland Hunters, you will probably not be surprised to learn Korean actor Ma Dong Seok, who stars in the Korean post apocalyptic movie, is #1 in the Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings for February.

After all, if you want a high-energy, action film with a cool male lead that is both a lot of fun and where you know what you’re getting, Badland Hunters and its star Ma Dong Seok definitely deliver.

Ma Dong Seok #1 in Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings this month

Like every other rankings list, the Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings are put out by the Korean Business Research Institute, and use the same formula every month — consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness — to rank 50 Korean movie stars on their list.

Ma Dong Seok hit #1 in the rankings due to the popularity of Badland Hunters (#1 Non-English Film on Netflix just 3 days after it premiered), the media coverage both the film and Ma Dong Seok earned, the many mentions on social media, community awareness of the film and the actor and more.

They all helped the 52-year-old actor to climb to #1 in the Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings, while beating out Im Siwan (#2) for his work in Boston 1947 among other things, Go Youn Joo (#3), Na Moon Hee (#4), and Honey Lee (Knight Flower) at #5.

Lee Byung Hun (Concrete Utopia, Squid Game 2), Gong Myung (Citizen of a Kind), Lee Yi Kyung (Marry My Husband), Park Bo Young (Concrete Utopia), and Jo Jung Suk (Captivating the King) complete the Top 10.

Jung Woo Sung, who was #1 in several different rankings over the last couple of months, ended up in the #11 spot.

Watch the hit Netflix film Badland Hunters via the streaming service now.

And no, you don’t need to have watched its prequel Concrete Jungle to watch the latest film in the franchise, and, yes, you will quickly see why Ma Dong Seok is so popular.

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