BANNERS’ ‘Where The Shadow Ends’ (Acoustic) music video is simple but lovely

Three weeks ago, British singer songwriter BANNERS released a gorgeous acoustic version of’ Where The Shadow Ends‘.

Today, the song got a lovely music video as well.

The original version was released as a single from the alternative rock/pop singer’s 2019 studio album of the same name, and featured a collaboration with Canadian EDM duo Young Bombs.

BANNERS’ music video for ‘Where The Shadow Ends’ (Acoustic) is a simple thing. Just the artist at his piano in front of a green screen showing footage of ocean waves, dark skies and thunder.

Simple but beautifully effective.

And, while the original version, with its EDM beat, (listen below) was cool, the acoustic version hits a little deeper emotionally.

As for BANNERS himself, like most of the United Kingdom at the moment he is in his flat in lockdown going slightly crazy.

So, to make himself and his fans feel better, he has started to record a video series called BANNERS — No One Knows Mike on his YouTube channel where he talks to the camera for a few minutes about himself and his music.

Check out #2 in the series below as he tells fans how to start writing songs and who he classifies as his musical influences.

And, of course, listen to BANNERS’ ‘Where The Shadow Ends’ (Acoustic) in his music video below.

You can also buy the song and listen to it on all the usual music platforms from this link.

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