Billie Eilish’s ‘Come Out and Play’ is soft, sad and touching and a soon-to-be hit TV series feature

Billie Eilish’s ‘Come Out and Play‘ is sweet and sad, yet hopeful

It is hard to believe L.A.-based singer songwriter Billie Eilish is only 16 years old when you listen to her music.

It is even more so when you realize what a big breakout star she has been in the last year, with several songs featured on hit TV series and over a billion streams on streaming services like Spotify.

Today, Billie Eilish released her new single ‘Come Out and Play‘, and it is a soft, sad, touching ballad that has such simple lyrics and melody, it deceptively sounds like a throwaway song. But it isn’t.

Instead, it is a heart-felt plea to a friend to stop being nervous and afraid, and come outside where the world is bright, beautiful and worth it.

And, yes, with the prettiness of this song, we can probably expect ‘Come Out and Play‘ to be featured in a hit TV series soon, following along with the success of Eilish songs like ‘Bored‘ and Lovely on 13 Reasons Why, and Six Feet Under‘ on Pretty Little Liars.

As with all of her music, Eilish wrote ‘Come Out and Play‘ with her brother Finneas O’Connell. This time for Apple’s Christmas advertising campaign.

You can hear Billie Eilish’s ‘Come Out and Play‘ in its entirety in the audio video she just released on her YouTube channel.

You can also watch the very cute Apple ‘Share Your Gifts’ Christmas commercial featuring her song in the video below that.

Eilish herself is currently working on her debut album, which will be released in 2019.

And, if you want to see one of the nicest interviews a singer has given, watch Billie Eilish talking about her fans, the evils of social media and why what you do in life doesn’t really matter in an interview with q‘s Tom Power in the video below.

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