Captivating the King Episode 6 ratings rise after AFC Asian Cup dip – #1 most-watched show on cable

Shin Se Kyung in official still from the K-drama to illustrate the Captivating the King, Episode 6 ratings rise

AFC Asian Cup football match caused K-drama’s Saturday night’s ratings drop

The Nielsen Korea data for February 4th is out and, as I had hoped (and expected), the Captivating the King, Episode 6 ratings are almost back up to where they were before they drastically fell on Saturday night due to an AFC Asian Cup football match.


Those ratings were 5.46 percent of the nationwide audience share, which is a big increase from Saturday night’s drop to 3.86 percent, as well as a good indicator of how popular Captivating the King still is in its home country.

So popular, the Korean drama was also the #1 most-watched show on South Korean cable TV on Sunday.

Captivating the King, Episode 6 in Seoul

Similarly, the Seoul ratings for Captivating the King, Episode 6 also saw a big increase last night, taking the Korean drama back to grabbing 5.35 percent of the viewership in the capital city.

Of course, the Korean period drama still has 10 more episodes to air, and a lot can happen during that time.

But, once Saturday’s massive ratings drop due to a football match is ignored, it does appear the real ratings for the Jo Jung Suk-led drama are only likely to rise from here.

Captivating the King stars the superb main cast of Jo Jung Suk, Shin Se Kyung, and Lee Shin Young, with an excellent ensemble cast backing them up.

The K-drama’s plot is unique, its costumes, sets and cinematography are beautiful, and many of its actors’ performances outstanding.

In other words, if you have not yet begun watching Captivating the King, and you enjoy a Korean period drama, it is your loss if you do not.

The next episode of Captivating the King will air on February 10th on tvN in South Korea, while Netflix will be streaming it for most of its international subscribers.