Castaway Diva Ep7 earns STRONG ratings – especially as it aired opposite My Dearest 100-min finale

Photo courtesy tvN

Castaway Diva, Episode 7 kicked off its second half last night in South Korea with a much lower rating than for Episode 6.

That being said, Episode 7’s rating was still almost double that for its first episode, so there’s that.

And the K-drama was up against the 100-minute series finale of the hit historical drama My Dearest airing on MBC, which means it is amazing the show’s ratings were as strong as they turned out to be.

The Park Eun Bin-led drama was also in first place in its time slot on cable TV.

In other words then, the second half of Castaway Diva kicked off with great ratings. Ratings that are only likely to increase tonight when Episode 8 airs.

Those ratings, by the way, were 6.05 percent nationwide, down from Episode 6’s 7.93 percent.

In Seoul, the romantic comedy drama earned a higher 6.64 percent, which was down from its previous episode’s 8.88 percent of the audience share.

Castaway Diva still massively successful on Netflix

While the Castaway Diva ratings in South Korea are certainly important, what is even more important for the Korean drama industry is how well its shows perform outside Korea.

In the case of Castaway Diva, original network tvN should be ecstatic about its performance on Netflix worldwide.

After all, not only did Castaway Diva end up on the Netflix’ most-watched non-English TV series chart during its first full week (in 9th place), the Korean drama was still on that list (now in 6th place) for a second week last week. (Latest numbers due out on Tuesday!)

Castaway Diva, Episode 7 is now streaming on Netflix worldwide, with its next episode due later on today, both on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix.

Expect it to earn even higher ratings tonight, now it doesn’t have to compete with a My Dearest series finale.


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