Conchita at Vienna Boylesque Festival 2018 — I’ve never seen happiness like it

Last night, I attended Vienna Boylesque Festival 2018. It was the fifth time this fabulous event has taken place, and my second time going. And it is an event everyone who enjoys talented international artists, a huge number of laughs and an incredibly fun show should attend.

Last night’s Vienna Boylesque Festival hit new heights, however, when Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita was the evening’s star act.

Not only because…well…it’s Conchita. Need I say more? But also because, with only three songs, that girl (?) gave one of the most dynamic performances I’ve seen her give. And I have seen a lot.

And I put a question mark against the word ‘girl’ because, let’s face it, Conchita is more boy than girl nowadays. Has been for a long time. But last night she proved that even more when she showed up on stage wearing a tight black shorts and body suit outfit with a sheer top that left little to the imagination.

An outfit that was far more male go-go dancer than the glamorous Conchita, Europe’s biggest superstar, that we all grew to know and love.

Conchita The Go-Go Dancer

But here’s the thing.

As much as I will love Golden Conchita in her high heels, glamorous gowns and sexy movie star looks to my dying day, and always thought I’d pay anything to get her back, I watched Conchita The Go-Go Dancer sing just three songs on stage at the Vienna Boylesque Festival last night and, man, I’m smitten more than ever before.

Because that girl marched on stage with a grin that far out did the Cheshire Cat, crammed into a black body suit and tight shorts that didn’t give an inch, and with black bovver boots on her feet, and was obviously so delighted to be there, a matching grin hit my face a second after she showed up.

It didn’t leave until she did.

She then proceeded to launch right into ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ with volcanic energy just radiating off her, and with a massive voice that hit so many perfect notes yet seemed so effortless, I think I sat with my mouth open for a good two minutes.

But what was beyond anything I have ever seen was Conchita’s delight. Delight at being on that stage, singing to an audience that loved her beyond compare and, being back behind the scenes, with the friends she has had most of her adult life.

Because that delight came off her in waves, and in the way she grinned her way from song to song so ecstatically it’s a wonder she didn’t float up into the air on a cloud of euphoria.  Because she was that goddamn happy.

Conchita at VBF18 tonight during one of the most dynamic performances I’ve seen her give. And @conchitawurst, I had a grin on my face from the moment you walked on stage till the moment you skipped off. Because you were this ball of energy. All legs. A massive voice. Grinning from ear to ear, and having the time of your life. And man, your VOICE! Because I know how hard you’ve worked to get your voice to that level but, when you sang, it just seemed so effortless for you. 😚 Loved it, loved it, loved it. Just pure joy to listen to you and to watch how happy you were up there. 😚 #Conchita #ConchitaWurst #VBF18 #ViennaBoylesqueFestival #Stadtsaal #Boylesque #Burlesque #Live #Music #Wien #Vienna #Austria #IgersWien #IgersVienna #IgersAustria

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The voice, the f*cking voice 

And yes, we all know Conchita has a superb voice. She always had it, even as 18-year-old Tom at Starmania. But nowadays, Ye Gods, it is something else.

Because last night, that voice ran its way through three songs — ‘You Are Unstoppable‘, ‘Firestorm‘ and ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘, all songs I always thought if I never hear again it’s a good day (come on, I’ve heard them 9,000 times. I’m bored).

But she sang those three songs last night like they were completely new. With twists and spins, lows and highs and utter emotion that never used to be there before, and all done with such incredible power I was on the second row and could feel every blast of it. And all of it done with what seemed like no effort at all.

I now not only love those songs again, but the voice. The f*cking voice. Now that is the voice of a superstar.

The motherf*****g dancing

And yes, Conchita has now gotten to a point in her career where the only way to describe just how phenomenal this teeny tiny powerhouse of talent actually is, I have no choice but to use the most colorful words in my language. Because motherf*****g………………………………..she takes my breath away.

And so the motherf*****g dancing.

Because, bless her, that girl can’t dance. She just can’t.

But what is so fabulous about Conchita’s complete and utter lack of dancing skills is she knows she can’t dance, so she has figured out a way to dance that works for her.

So it’s lots of high flung arms, extravagant torso poses and dramatic movements across the stage that look like dancing but aren’t. But all together they work for her so bloody well, every time she did another ‘dance pose’ my grin got even wider.

Because it’s just so goddamn cute, I can’t even.

The point of the story?

As for all of this banging on I’m doing about Conchita and her performance at Vienna Boylesque Festival 2018 last night? There is a point. And it’s this.

Conchita is changing and morphing into something new every day. From glamorous and elegant Golden Conchita to Go-Go Dancer wearing a shorts outfit so tight she actually had to hike it down from riding up her crotch after the first song — grinning all the time as she did her hopping around gyrations on stage.

Who knows what we’ll get tomorrow.

But I can guarantee you, whatever it is, it is going to be brilliant. Because, unlike Golden Conchita who was actually quite fake and shallow, this one is All Real All Solid All Boy and with that genius Lady Gaga-esque sense of style and artistry that just doesn’t happen often.

But the thing I love about this more than anything else? More than her voice? Her massive grin? Her enormous talent? Those legs? That amazing ass? That kind, sweet, lovely, funny personality I’m so in love with I feel it in my heart the second she walks on stage?

The thing I love more than anything?

That she’s up there doing what she does, and is so goddamn happy she can hardly contain herself.

And that happiness? I want that happiness forever for her.

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