Conchita Wurst and Why She Will Never Disappoint

conchita wurst and disappointment

Today’s thoughts about Conchita Wurst (let’s face it, I have so many I have to write them down), are about disappointment. Or, rather, about how the lovely Ms. Wurst doesn’t want to disappoint her fans.

That’s because, in interviews over the last few months, the subject of Conchita being an icon has been brought up by journalists, all wondering how she feels about that.

When asked in one interview in Antwerp, Belgium, this was her response.

“I don’t really like being called an icon. I’m not. I’m not perfect and I never wanted to be this figure of ……whatever. I just do what I feel, and if this helps some people then I’m totally honored…..but the problem with calling me that is people start having expectations, and expectations are a very dangerous thing, because you get disappointed in just a second and I don’t want to disappoint anybody” (see video below)

Not disappointing her fans is something Conchita Wurst obviously cares about. After all, she wouldn’t keep mentioning it if it wasn’t. But it got me thinking about the likelihood of Conchita Wurst ever disappointing me and, for a variety of reasons, I realized there and then I doubt she ever will.


Like anyone else who adores Conchita Wurst, I love her for her talent, beauty, and personality — the whole package. But, if I am honest, the main reasons I admire her, and why I come back to her again and again, are the core values she obviously holds.

The belief that you should always be polite, kind, and treat everybody well. That you shouldn’t hurt people intentionally. You should work hard, take care of your family and friends, live life to the fullest, never give up, do what you want as long as it’s not hurting anyone, and never allow negative people to destroy your dreams.

To me, someone who has values similar to Conchita, I can’t imagine how she would ever move away from them enough to disappoint me. Because if she did, she’d be damaging everything she’s ever worked for, and everything she’s ever wanted.

And, of course, destroying what her ‘other half’, creator Tom Neuwirth, believes in, and everything that causes his soul to shine through in everything Conchita is and does.

So, do I ever see Conchita Wurst becoming a self-obsessed, money-obsessed, arrogant, rude, drunk, drug-taking celebrity, like some unfortunately are? Because those are just about the only things she could be that would disappoint me.

They’re just not in her values and, I doubt they ever will be.


Let’s face it, Conchita Wurst’s talent is immense, and it’s increasing all the time. It’s not just the talent of Conchita’s incredible voice either. It’s also the astounding talent Tom Neuwirth has in not only creating Conchita in the first place, but making sure she continues to grow.

Every concert her voice is richer and stronger. Every interview her answers are even more intelligent or funnier than the last time you heard her speak. Her impeccable dress sense is even more beautiful (if that’s even possible), and the risks she takes get more interesting all the time (the fashion shoot with Karl Lagerfeld anyone?)

Of course, since Conchita slammed into my life a few months ago, I haven’t adored every concert she’s given, loved every outfit she’s worn, or agreed with every choice she’s made. That’s normal. But has she disappointed me? No. Of course not.

Her talents are enormous and only continue to change and grow. How could I ever be disappointed with that?


Yesterday, I watched ‘Wild Girls‘, the reality show Conchita participated in for a German TV company last year. While she’s received criticism for doing it, for me, I’m glad she did. That’s because I got to see how she behaves in stressful situations, and how she treats others. And, thus, who she really is.

I came away realizing not only was she the only person on the show who never set a foot wrong, but in every situation she was admirable. Polite, kind, funny, respectful, always taking care of others, and above all else refusing to be pulled into the petty quarrels and sheer stupidity that sometimes seemed to abound. And, the most important thing for me? I now know, when I meet her, I will like her.

Because what I saw on that show was, yes, first and foremost a woman, but also a man whose heart was so kind and so gentle that he would never say or do anything to hurt someone. A person who was so sure of who he was and who he wanted to be, he would never waver from that regardless of what situation he found himself in. And, no matter what the gain, he would never allow himself to be dragged into someone else’s drama.

Few people have the strength to be like that. Tom Neuwirth does and so, of course, does Conchita Wurst. And, as I believe a personality that strong is never going to change for the worse, these two people will never disappoint me.

And so, I say to my lovely Ms. Wurst, stop thinking about disappointing others. Because I am always a good judge of character, and yours? Yours is one of the finest I’ve ever seen.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Be true to yourself and always be honest. And disappointment with you? I’ll never feel it.


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