Conchita Wurst Book ‘Meine Geschichte – Ich, Conchita’ (I, Conchita) March 3, 2015

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Details are sparse as of yet, but it seems Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst is releasing a book. Called ‘Meine Geschichte – Ich, Conchita‘ (‘My Story – I, Conchita’), the book covers her life from growing up as Tom Neuwirth, a young boy in a tiny conservative village in the Styrian state of Austria, to present day art figure Conchita Wurst.

Meine Geschichte – Ich, Conchita‘ will be released in German on March 3, 2015.

According to a tweet from Conchita herself, the book will also have an English version, but the date on publication of that version is still to be decided.

The introduction to the book was written by French fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier.

Hopefully, there will also be an e-book version released around the same time (no details yet?) as, let’s face it, that’s how most books are sold nowadays.

Meanwhile, I ran the German description of the book through Google Translate, cleaned it up a bit, and came up with this:

The first and only autobiography! We are unstoppable

With her victory at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Conchita Wurst caused a worldwide storm of enthusiasm among millions. At the same time, opponents from the conservative camp formed. Appearances before the European Parliament alternated with death threats. Conchita Wurst polarized and fascinated; a gorgeous singer, who is admired by celebrities such as Elton John, Cher, Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld for her talent and her courage.

Now she speaks for the first time about her childhood, the love of her parents, the assistance of her grandmother, but also the harsh discrimination she has experienced.

Why did Tom Neuwirth leave home at age 14 to stand on his own feet? How did he become Conchita Wurst? How did she manage to realize her dreams into reality when there were day-to-day obstacles in the way?

“I Conchita” is the exciting story of a boy from the provinces who always believed in his vision of one day being a world star.

And I did like the quote that went with it:

“Look at me, and look at them. And then think about it. Do you not all have a little bearded woman in you somewhere?”

You can currently pre-order Meine Geschichte – Ich, Conchita‘ (‘I, Conchita’) in German at major online bookshops.

I’ll let you know as soon as more information is released about the English version, particularly as that’s likely the one more people will be interested in. Oh, and yes, I will be one of the people definitely buying it.

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