Connection Ep 2 beats Bitter Sweet Hell into 1st place – roles reversed from Friday night

While the new MBC drama Bitter Sweet Hell was the #1 most-watched drama in South Korea on Friday night, with new SBS drama Connection in second place, the roles were reversed on Saturday night.

By that point, Connection, Episode 2 pulled ahead of the second episode of Bitter Sweet Hell, ending up in first place nationwide with 6.1 percent of the audience share — an increase from its first episode’s rating of 5.7 percent.

Meanwhile, Bitter Sweet Hell, Episode 2’s viewership dropped from its first episode’s 6.0 percent to Saturday night’s 5.5 percent.

Connection, Episode 2 was also in first place with viewers in Seoul — just like it was on Friday night. This time jumping from its first place rating on Friday of 6.1 percent to Saturday night’s 7.0 percent.

Bitter Sweet Hell, on the other hand, saw its Episode 1 rating of 5.7 percent drop to 5.2 percent last night in Seoul.

Be aware, however, with 10 episodes left to air for Bitter Sweet Hell, and 14 episodes for Connection, there is plenty of time for each drama to surge ahead in the ratings as their runs continue.

Bitter Sweet Hell still – courtesy MBC

International ratings for Connection and Bitter Sweet Hell

While neither drama is easy to watch legally in the west (Connection is only available on KOCOWA, and Bitter Sweet Hell won’t premiere on Viki for another three weeks), the few people who are watching either/both dramas are giving them solid ratings on My Drama List.

Connection is currently being rated an 8.1 out of 10 by 159 users (with 4,476 people watching), and Bitter Sweet Hell is being given an 8.2 out of 10 from 59 users (1,903 watching).

Those ratings will probably change over the next few weeks, especially after Bitter Sweet Hell legally releases and more people begin to watch it. (Although, with it not currently being available, a sizeable number of K-drama fans will likely have pirated it by then).

Over on IMDB, Connection is currently rated 9.0 out of 10, but with only 17 people ranking it so far, while Bitter Sweet Hell does not as yet have a rating.

The third episode of both dramas will air next Friday — May 31st.

Let’s see how they fare in the ratings then.

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