K-drama Connection Ep 1 earns strong ratings – higher than The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection Ep 1

The excellent psychological crime drama Connection kicked off on SBS TV in South Korea last night, with its first episode airing in the same time slot as MBC’s Bitter Sweet Hell.

Not that that stopped Connection, Episode 1 from garnering extremely strong ratings.

Ratings that were only .30 percent lower than those of Bitter Sweet Hell‘s, and actually .10 percent higher from viewers in Seoul.

According to Nielsen Korea, Connection, Episode 1 earned 5.7 percent of the audience share nationwide on Friday night.

That is a very strong start considering Connection‘s first episode earned a much higher viewership than Episode 1 of the previous drama airing in the same time slot — The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection (4.4 percent).

In Seoul, Connection performed even better, garnering 6.1 percent of the audience.

What is the Connection plot?

As My Drama List so succinctly puts it:

A crime investigation thriller depicting the distorted friendship of friends, which is revealed while tracking the death of a high school friend who died leaving behind 5 billion won in insurance money.

Connection stars Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yool, and Kim Kyung Nam.

It will air every Friday and Saturday evening on SBS in South Korea, with KOCOWA airing the Korean crime drama for its subscribers in the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

And, yes, the first episode is superb.


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