Crash Course in Romance’s ending theme song is my addiction – ‘Gypsophila’ by Lee Ju Hyuk is the prettiest thing

Is it just me, or are you completely addicted to Crash Course in Romance’s ending theme song ‘Gypsophila‘ by Lee Ju Hyuk?

A song that has such a pretty melody that sticks in your head from the first time you hear it, it is all I could play for a couple of days after it appeared on Episode 1 of the superb Korean drama.

Seven more episodes in, and I look forward to hearing it again at the end of every episode.

And, while Lee Ju Hyuk’s Crash Course in Romance ending theme song title is ‘Gypsophila‘, in English it could also be called ‘Baby’s Breath‘, as that is the name the gypsophila plant usually goes by in English-speaking countries.

Whatever the name, the title is perfect as, in the language of flowers, gypsophila is thought of as being the flower for eternal love. Easy to see why it is used so often in wedding bouquets then, isn’t it?


As for the meaning of Lee Ju Hyuk’s ”Gypsophila‘ , the lyrics are sung from a man to a woman.

A woman he thinks always shines a beautiful light over everything, even when times are the darkest.

끝이 보이지 않는 긴 여정에
눈부시게 아름다운 너
너의 맘에 피어날 작은 안개꽃처럼
그렇게 살아가 밝은 안개꽃처럼
넌 시들지 않는 작은 안개꽃 같아

or roughly translated into English

On a long journey with no end in sight
Dazzlingly beautiful you
Like a small mist flower that will bloom in your heart
Living like that, like a bright mist flower
You are like a small gypsophila that never fades

Perfect lyrics for how Choi Chi Yeol is beginning to feel about Nam Haeng Seon, isn’t it?

A woman whose side he rushes to when he hears she has been hurt, even if he can’t quite yet figure out why, and who always makes him feel better when he gets there. Whether it is with her food, or how she worries about him.

Even though she, as yet, hasn’t come to terms with her feelings for him either.

Listen to ‘Gypsophila‘ by Lee Ju Hyuk, the Crash Course in Romance ending theme song, in the song’s official music video and on the Spotify player. There is also an instrumental version of the song that is just as pretty.

Crash Course in Romance, easily the best drama of 2023 so far, is currently airing every Saturday and Sunday in Korea on tvN, and on Netflix in selected regions.


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