Creepy Nuts’ ‘2way nice guy’ live at INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE is fun and the documentary interesting

Creepy Nuts talking about creating ‘2way nice guy‘ on the new INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE video shows off the coolness of the hip hop duo

If you like ‘2way nice guy‘ by Creepy Nuts, the theme song for the live-action film of The Way of the Househusband, you will love the latest The First Take video.


That’s because the Sony-owned YouTube channel The First Take is going in a slightly different direction, and releasing videos of artists who performed at the project’s recent music festival.

A festival called INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE, and one with The First Take’s first ever live audience.

The INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE festival was held at Tokyo Disney Resort’s Maihama Amphitheater on May 3rd and 4th this year.

Creepy Nuts and their song ‘2way nice guy‘ is the fourth video to be released from the 2-day festival.

Along with the actual live performance of each artist’s song, The First Take has also put together a mini-documentary of each artist talking about how they created the song you get to hear before they actually perform it.


Creepy Nuts’ ‘2way nice guy‘ is the official theme song for The Way of the Househusband live action film

In the case of Creepy Nuts’ ‘2way nice guy‘, The Way of the Househusband theme song, the hip hop/rap duo talk about deciding to perform a song that would make the audience want to dance (they didn’t, but they’re polite Japanese so…), how the songs they are creating nowadays feel heavier than before, and how a song being catchy is important to them.

Creepy Nuts’ singer R-Shitei explains how he found ‘2way nice guy‘ difficult to write at first, as he wasn’t sure how a guy who was once a member of the Yakuza would feel, and so felt like he couldn’t relate to him.

But then a rapper friend told him “The guy is someone who changed his point of view, and became good at something completely different. Now put yourself in his place. You became a rapper. And now you know how to use your talents well too”.

And then it was easy for him to write the now-hit song.

As for Creepy Nuts’ other member, DJ Matsunaga, he spoke about how he enjoys being “a little off” and how he loves that he and R-Shitei are weird and unusual.

He thinks that is Creepy Nut’s “weapon”, and he loves that about them. Loves that they try different things, like using a sitar instead of an electric guitar, as it makes the songs they create fresh and fun.

Watch the Creepy Nuts’ ‘2way nice guy‘ INSIDE THE FIRST TAKE documentary and live performance in the video below.

The whole thing is less than 14 minutes in length, but well worth a watch.

Especially as you will leave it realizing just how incredibly cool the guys of Creepy Nuts are, and just how fun and addictive their songs.

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