Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time’ was the moody song playing on 1899, Season 1, Ep. 2 during ending montage

While the new German period horror series 1899 is as creepy as hell, it also features an absolutely stellar classic song at the end of each episode.

The song changes with each episode, with White Rabbit‘ showing up on Episode 1, while Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time‘ was that moody art rock song playing at the end of Episode 2 — 1899, Season 1, Episode 2, “The Boy“.

Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time‘ was released on the British rock band’s Deep Purple in Rock album.

That album came out in June, 1970 on the Harvest and Warner Bros. labels.

The anti-war song was not a hit when released, but has since gone on to become one of the tracks the band is identified with the most.

It is also one that was played live at Deep Purple concerts for many years.

It has also appeared on many music critics’ lists as one of the best songs of all times, and is known for its length (over 10 minutes), as well as its organ riff, superb guitar solo by Ritchie Blackmore, and lead singer Ian Gillan’s ridiculously high vocals.

Sadly for fans, Deep Purple stopped playing the song live as Gillan got older, as the singer felt like he would be disappointing them if he tried to reach those high notes and failed.

Listen to Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time‘ as played on Episode 2 of 1899 on the band’s Deep Purple in Rock album, and in the song’s music video.

1899 is currently streaming via Netflix.


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