Destined with You Ep 11 DROPS close to ALL-TIME LOW as viewers lose interest

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While the Korean drama Destined with You has never attracted a huge audience in South Korea, the airing of Destined with You, Episode 11 last night is helping to prove viewers of the drama are losing interest as the show has failed to grab any traction throughout its entire run.

Losing interest in the horribly written plot, and the fact that Jo Bo Ah can’t act, I would say as I dropped the show after Episode 6 for the very same reasons.

According to Nielsen Korea, Destined with You, Episode 11 earned just 2.04 percent of the audience share nationwide, causing the romantic comedy to end up in 16th place for the day.

In Seoul, Episode 11 performed slightly better garnering 2.39 percent, which is down from its previous episode’s 2.76 percent.

Considering the first episode of the JTBC drama earned 2.91 percent nationwide, and 2.93 percent in Seoul, to have it fall even lower than that proves the loss of viewer interest over the last six weeks.

Destined with You‘s performance on Netflix

Destined with You has been performing better on Netflix, where it is currently airing for international viewers, as it ended up in the #5 spot for non-English TV series during the week of September 18th to the 24th.

According to Flix Patrol, however, as of today the South Korean drama has fallen out of the Top 10 spot for overall TV shows in many countries.

That means it will likely have falled further down or completely off the Top 10 most-watched non-English shows when this week’s list is released early next week.

Especially as comments by viewers on platforms like My Drama List suggest some audience members are losing interest in the poorly-written plot as they leave comments like “it’s becoming a chore to watch this”, and “I feel like the plot is all over the place lately”.

The next episode of Destined with You will air tonight on JTBC at 22:30 (KST), with Netflix streaming the episode for international audiences soon after.

Let’s see what the episode’s ratings look like tomorrow.

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