Doctor Slump Ep 6 ratings rise slightly but drop more in Seoul

Doctor Slump, Episode 6 struggles in the ratings again

The past weekend was not a very good weekend for ongoing Korean drama Doctor Slump.

A K-drama that, while every other drama airing over the weekend saw higher, steady or only slightly reduced ratings, Doctor Slump, Episodes 5 and 6 garnered much lower ratings than previously.

On Saturday evening for instance, Doctor Slump, Episode 5 experienced a huge drop in ratings causing the drama to earn its lowest rating ever (from 6.73 percent to 3.73 percent nationwide and from 7.46 percent to 4.04 percent in Seoul).

Then last night, Doctor Slump, Episode 6 aired to very slightly increased ratings nationwide (from 3.73 percent to 3.86 percent), but to even lower ratings in Seoul (from 4.04 percent to 3.96 percent).

That was Doctor Slump‘s lowest ever rating in Seoul.

Is Doctor Slump, Episode 6 ratings fall permanent or temporary?

All of that being said, the JTBC drama still ended up in the #1 spot in its time slot.

Plus, with Sunday being part of the Korean Lunar New Year, it is difficult to say if last weekend’s Doctor Slump ratings slump (sorry!) is permanent or just a temporary effect of the national holiday.

In other words, we will have to wait until next weekend to see how the Park Hyung Sik and Park Shi Hye-led drama performs.

Meanwhile, Doctor Slump is still going gangbusters on Netflix, where it is airing in most international territories, as today it is in the Top 10 in 27 countries.

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