Ed Sheeran Says He Tells Sheerios To Just “Be Yourself” (Video)

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Ed Sheeran tells Sheerios “be yourself”

Personally, I’ve always thought it’s a bit weird that singers name their fans. Let’s face it, though, I’m not the type of person to join any group, so maybe it’s just me. You know, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”.

But, a lot of singers themselves seem to like it (see Lady Gaga with her Little Monsters, Taylor Swift’s Swifties and, of course, Conchita Wurst and her Unstoppables).

Ed Sheeran, however, I think he has as big of a problem with the name of his fan base (The Sheerios) as I would have if I had one, as you can tell from the smirky face he makes at the beginning of this video when the topic of The Sheerios come up.

But when it comes to the actual importance of his fans, other than their silly name, he does understand exactly why they are so important. And he also knows what message he wants to get across to them. “Be yourself”, which he talked about in a red carpet interview with Billboard magazine recently:

“I think the key to any artist and their fan base is to just be human and real and yourself. Because your job as a role model, it isn’t necessarily just to behave. I know people always say be a good role model and behave, but I think being a good role model is teaching kids to be themselves. And not wanting to be anyone else….so I just try and be…..well, I’m a bit weird. And I just try to embrace that.”

That’s probably just one of the reasons why The Sheerios like Ed Sheeran so much. He really is just himself.

Watch his Billboard interview below.

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